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Need some ideas for a meaningful Easter present?

Easter gifts can be special – and Easter can be an occasion to gift a present with spiritual significance     

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Easter is a good occasion to gift something really special and inspirational. But where did the event of Easter come from?

Easter gets its name from Eostre, the great mother goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe. And, in many cultures, eggs are central to the event of Easter. Eggs used to be associated with spring as a symbol of germination and a new life.

So the custom of giving eggs as presents at Easter time, was incorporated into the Christian event as a way to symbolise Christ’s resurrection. Eggs, often forbidden during Lent, were brought to the dinner tables at the occasion of Easter (dyed red) to symbolise the joy of this celebration.  

Silver cross coral jet
An Easter present with religious significance in this silver cross with coral and jet from northern Spain
Turquoise Hamsa earrings
Hamsa (or Hand of mary in Christianity) is a gift suitable for all religions / faiths
Tau cross necklace
This Tau cross necklace would make an ideal Easter gift with meaning
Christian fish earrings
Christian fish earrings
Black Agate Blue Jade Necklace
Jade and black agate necklace

We don’t stock Easter eggs, per se, in our online shop, but we do have a range of ideas for meaningful Easter gifts which carry spiritual significance. So, if you want to give a friend or companion / relative a present this Easter, perhaps we can encourage you to gift them something a bit different from the norm and something a bit more inspirational 😉

Do you know someone who would appreciate something of a more spiritual nature this Easter . . something a bit different from the usual gifts of chocolate eggs (which are soon gone)? Perhaps we can help you find an extra special present with more meaning / significance?

Help your friends and loved-ones celebrate the event of Easter by giving a gift with real meaning from our online shop.    

Caravaca cross necklace ~ engraved silver

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A unique and really special gift - to show you care

This pretty, sterling-silver cross is the Cross of Caravaca - believed to bring good fortune in life and invoke a real sense of peace and faith. The two-armed cross has its origins in the town of Caravaca, Spain, during the early 13th Century when, according to legend, a miracle took place. The Caravaca Cross has since been recognised as a symbol of protection and good fortune.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Sterling silver chain included

:)- Option for free information card (see photo)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Wish your friends or loved-ones well by sending them this truly meaningful present - handmade in the heart of Spain. It makes an ideal gift for any special event or occasion or to show someone that you really care about their well-being.

Dimensions: Cross measures 35mm in length including the hanging ring and is hand-engraved by artisans in the town of Caravaca, which is in Murcia, Spain. It hangs on a very fine 18" sterling silver curb chain. The cross is beautifully packaged and can include an information card about the cross.

Everyone needs a guiding spirit to help them through some of life's challenges. Inspire your friends / loved-ones with this Cross and help bring them peace, good fortune and protection. Ideal Christmas, Easter or Christening present, Get Well gift, or Wedding Day gift. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Spain's Caravaca Cross / Vera Cruz de España . .


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