Jewellery GIFTS to pass on WISHES of SAFETY

We specialise in Keep Safe jewellery gifts . . in particular those based on the Christian Faith, like Christian Travel gifts

But what is Keep Safe jewellery, and how does it compare with other gifts fo pass on wishes of safety? In a nutshell, “Keep Safe” jewellery is any sort of jewellery that includes recognised symbols of goodwill, safekeeping, belief, or security / protection / safeguarding.

Keep Safe Jewellery - Travellers Cross cufflinks

We have lots of examples of this so-called ‘ jewellery for protection ‘ in our SHOP but our sAfe© jewellery brand is especially intended to pass on Stay Safe wishes to a friend or loved-one as a gift.

Coupled with a Shield of Faith this brand of necklaces, pendants and cufflinks are very appropriate in the current era of uncertainty and global health issues. For example, Safe Jewellery can be given as a gift to someone starting something new like a new job – especially if the work has an element of danger or risk associated with it (eg: Police, Fisherman, Logger, Steel Worker, Armed Forces, etc).

And what about non-dangerous new situations like going to college / University for the first time, a new career or other new beginnings and new hopes after difficult times? Or perhaps as a present for a friend or loved-one who finds themselves struggling with their job being furloughed or facing redundancy.

And, in the health crises around the world at the moment, there are millions of people facing worry and uncertainty about their own health and wellbeing. For example, there are the thousands of children / youngsters and teenagers who are going to have to go back to school – perhaps for the first time in a while. At the other end of the age-related scale, there are people who are maybe having to take early retirement: What challenges and anxieties are they likely to face and how can we wish them safety as they retire?

Safe trip to hospital for an operation / surgery

Even in normal times, a visit to the hospital can be a stressful experience but it is even more so if surgery / an operation is deemed necessary and thoughts turn to the safety of the hospital environment, etc. In these circumstances, a small gift to say Stay Safe can be very welcome and appropriate. We have so-called “ necklaces to keep you safe “ in our online SHOP to pass on your Keep Safe wishes.

Christian travel gifts and Faith jewellery

Gifts to pass on your wishes of safety are especially poignant when a friend or loved-one is travelling on a journey. Over and above a simple email, text or other message, Stay Safe gifts say Good Luck – Be Safe in a memorable, meaningful and lasting way. This is particularly true with Christian Faith jewellery for people with religious beliefs based on Christianity. Jewellery for protection featuring crosses, guardian angels, St Christophers (for those who are travelling), scallop shells from El Camino de Santiago in Spain, and pendants depicting Saint James, St. Michael, the Virgin Mary, and Ichtys / Christian Fishes, can be much appreciated in these circumstances. We also have our Travellers Cross jewellery – a St James cross for travellers because it is encircled with the symbol of the Camino de Santiago (scallop shell).

For those with non-religious beliefs we have other so-called “ jewellery for protection ”. For example, Stay Safe necklaces featuring Anchors, lucky Gemstones . . even Horseshoes (which, through St. Dunstan of course, can also have a Christian significance).

But whatever your faith … all the above are ideal for passing on your wishes of safety to say: “Stay Safe”

Safe Travel necklaces and other gifts

In general, safety requirements are defined by risk reduction: And safety / security is vital for the proper enjoyment of any travel adventure – even a business trip. Of course, there are a multitude of “regulations” covering holiday or business trip safety and there is a plethora of advice. But even so, things can go wrong and taking care is probably the best option to staying safe . . and a Keep Safe gift is an active reminder of this truism.

General safety and how to stay safe away from home

We all like to feel safe – it is a vital part of our well-being as human beings. Police advice on staying safe when out and about is based on common sense: Being aware of your surroundings, making yourself less of a target, displaying an aura of confidence and moving with a distinct purpose.

sAfe jewellery

Stay safe, Stay well

The ‘in’ expression at the moment is: Stay safe, Stay well . . and of course we endorse that sentiment: We hope everyone keeps safe, whatever they are doing: Take care of yourselves, stay healthy and let friends and loved-ones know that you are there for them by sending them a little gift. In addition to any messages of support, a little present in the post lets them know that you care about them and is a special way to show that they’re in your thoughts.

Safe Jewellery

Consider these special gifts to pass on your wishes of safety and good luck and other KEEP SAFE GIFTS in our SHOP