Owl jewellery and its meaning – a wise present

A piece of owl jewellery can be gifted to a friend to wish them understanding and patience . . or insight, as well as protection and knowledge (which can be helpful for exam success)     

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Traditionally, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, truth, patience, foresight and knowledge.

But historically, the owl is also seen to be a protector – against harm, and ill-fortune.  

Inspirational owl necklace
Gift and owl to help impart patience and understanding
Owl amethyst charm bracelet
Owl and amethyst charm bracelet for the gift of knowledge and insight
Owl anklet amethyst
This unique piece of jewellery with meaning is an anklet with symbolic owls and amethyst gems
Agate Owl protection necklace
Owl jewelry is sometimes gifted for protection too – so the black Agate gems in this necklace help double up on that wish
Amethyst Wise Owl necklace
Necklace combining the so-called dream-like or mystical properties of Amethyst, with the imparted wisdom of an Owl charm

Athenians made the owl an emblem of wisdom because, to the ancient Greeks, the owl was a symbol of Athene who was the goddess of foresight and knowledge. For this reason, the owl is associated with knowledge and learning – and so is often referred to as the ‘wise’ owl.

But some cultures also view the owl as a protector, and their feathers were ritually worn to ward off evil spirits (even at a time of death – when the owl also featured).

If an owl visits you, it is considered an incredible gift.

So, a piece of wise owl jewellery (or a charm) makes the perfect present to inspire your friend or loved-one to be more positive and to give them more courage, protection – and insight (especially at times that require foresight and knowledge . . which is why owl jewellery and charms are often gifted as presents to encourage people who are having tests and exams).

But overall, badges of inspiration such as this are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world.

However, one thing is sure: With an owl charm, you can gift a present with significant meaning.  

SEARCH our online shop for wise Owl  jewellery . . it’s a present with meaning, and makes an ideal Exam gift