Love charm jewellery – a real present from the heart

What is the meaning of love jewellery?

To millions of people throughout the world, love charm jewelry makes a really special gift – something that comes with a truly unique message – a message direct from that indefinable place we call the heart

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Love is a gift from (and to) the heart, and Love Charm jewellery is intended to reflect the emotional closeness, the pleasure, the interpersonal attraction, and even the passionate desire between two people – as represented by this really special, powerful (and totally inexplicable) emotion called LOVE.

A present of a piece of love jewellery can express an intense emotional attachment to another person.

But remember, a piece of love charm jewellery can also be gifted to express the feeling of wanting to do something for someone else solely out of compassion (and usually with no thought for a reward).

And, love jewellery can also be gifted to reflect the virtue that represents all of human kindness and affection – the simple, unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the wellbeing of another person.  

Love charm birthstone necklace
Crystal heart birthstone charm, small sterling silver heart – and a solid silver token that says love in many languages, make this a true piece of ‘jewellery with meaning’
Phoenix love charm bracelet
Love charm bracelet – in deep rich Phoenix stone
Love blessing ring
“Always in my heart” – the message of this simple blessing ring gift
Rose Quartz love heart
Rose Quartz . . the ‘Love stone’ plus small solid silver heart on this necklace makes a beautiful present with meaning
Moonstone Pearl love necklace
Moonstone and Pearl . . with a tiny golden heart – for a message of pure love

The almost universal representation of love is the symbol of the heart and we stock a range of heart jewellery in our shop online. The symbol of the heart is understood by all – especially romantic lovers – and is gifted a million times every day the world over.

Another type of love charm jewellery is the lock and key device, or the lock necklace – whereby lock and key charms are used to symbolise a finite love connection: One half of the lock-and-key set is kept by each partner to maintain a feeling of connection even when physically apart. Gift a good friend or loved-one a piece of lock and key jewellery, and you are gifting them a piece of your fidelity. In return, you hope to hold and maintain the key to their heart. Indeed, a key chain is supposed to signify that you really are holding the key to someone’s heart.     

SEARCH our online shop to buy Love charm jewellery  . .

. . a present from the heart