Moonstone jewellery – a love present that is born from the rays of the moon

What is the meaning of Moonstone ?

Moonstone is a really special gem and it makes a beautiful jewellery gift – a gift that is often Associated with mystery, magic, dreams, fertility . . and love.

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Moonstone has been used as jewellery for centuries. Both the Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar gods and goddesses. It is said if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other.

In more recent history, the moonstone became popular during the Art Nouveau. French goldsmith, René Lalique and many others created a large quantity of jewellery using moonstone.  

Moonstone cross necklace
Moonstone can mean mystery and magic, and dreams . . and love. The simple pewter cross has Christian significance in this lovely necklace
Moonstone Pearl love necklace
Moonstone and pearl are combined in this love necklace to instill added peace and tranquility
Moonstone Dreams necklace
. . seen here with a charmstone for added significance

Moonstone is the Dream gemstone and considered to be a sacred and magical gemstone, with the power to bring about pleasant and beautiful dreams. With its ghostly glow, this feldspar gem is indeed magical. The Europeans of the Middle Ages thought that by looking into a moonstone, they could fall into a deep sleep and see the future.

So this is the stone to wear if you are trying to increase your intuition. Moonstones represent the phases of life. Primarily, it is considered a woman’s stone.

Moonstone comes in a variety of colours, such as grey, brown, yellow, pale orange, peach, red, pink, green and blue. The rarest and most valuable moonstones jewellery pieces are clear and colourless, with a hint of blue shine. Most stones come from Sri Lanka, but they can also be found in the United States, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar.

Moonstone jewellery can a employed as a birthstone symbol for June.  

SEARCH our online shop to buy Moonstone  jewellery – a gift for the heart

From the International Coloured Gemstone Association:

The moonstone is characterised by an enchanting play of light. Indeed it owes its name to that mysterious shimmer which always looks different when the stone is moved.

Moonstones from Sri Lanka, the classical country of origin of the moonstone, shimmer in pale blue on an almost transparent background. Specimens from India feature a nebulous interplay of light and shadow on a background of beige-brown, green, orange or brown. These discreet colours, in connection with the fine shimmer, make the moonstone an ideal gemstone for jewellery with a sensual, feminine aura. This gemstone was very popular once before, about a hundred years ago at the time of Art Nouveau. It adorns a noticeably large number of the jewellery creations of the French master goldsmith René Lalique and his contemporaries, mainly to be found in museums and collections today.

This gemstone is surrounded by a good deal of mystique and magic. In many cultures, for example in India, it is regarded as a holy, magical gemstone. In India, moonstones are also regarded as ‘dream stones’ which bring the wearer beautiful visions at night. In Arabic countries, women often wear moonstones sewn out of sight into their garments, for in their cultures the moonstone is a symbol of fertility.

The moonstone symbolises our being in its entirety. With its soft shimmer, it strengthens our emotional and subconscious aspects. The associations connected with that, make it a ” lovers’ stone “, evoking tender feelings and safeguarding the true joys of love. It is meant to be able to reunite lovers who have quarrelled. It is said if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other.

It is also said that wearing a moonstone strengthens our intuition and our capacity to understand, and promotes inspiration. By many in India and parts of the Far East, moonstone is believed to bring good fortune and it has been worn as an amulet to bring good emotions to the wearer, and protecting those of a sensitive nature.