Feel-good gifts to make friends feel better

Thoughtful presents to make a friend or loved-one feel better . . feel-good gifts

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To feel good is to be happy and satisfied . . even elated. Hence the expressions feel-good factor, feel-good movie and so on.

And sometimes, in our lives we find that we need a little boost in this feelgood department. And so it is with our friends.  

Feel good gardens
Inspirational love bracelet
Inspirational love bracelet to make a special friend feel good
Thinking of you
Thinking of You blessing token to make a friend feel good
Spanish ceramic plate
Spanish ceramics are vibrant and colourful and make people feel good
Feel good necklace
Make a friend or loved-one feel good with this lovely silver necklace featuring the Butterfly symbol of change and freedom

For this reason, a feel-good gift is intended to boost a friend or loved-one’s level of happiness – especially if they are feeling a bit down. It can act as a ‘pick-you-up’ and make them feel better.

Some of our gifts can indeed act as a feel good tonic – especially if they are sent with a little personal message . . improving a friend’s mood and banishing their negative emotions.

Flowers to make you feel good . .
Flower gifts, flower jewellery and scarves with flowers in our shop . . all intended to pass on that feel-good factor to a friend or loved-one:

Chrysanthemum feel good
Chrysanthemums make great gifts to pass on a feel good factor of optimism, cheerfulness and joy to friends
Hibiscus feel good
Hibiscus feel good flower often used in scarf patterns and tatoos for delicate and feminine beauty and sensuality
Lily feel good gift
A lily in all its forms makes a great feel good gift – featured in jewellery and fabric patterns for purity and beauty

Yes, flowers have meanings, and each flower species has a particular significance. For example:

* The lotus flower symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration and overcoming difficulties – especially with regard to health
* The red rose symbolises love (and the wild rose, like the primrose, eternal love)
* The white lily like the hibiscus signifies purity and delicate beauty
* The iris is thought to be a bringer of good news
* Daisy flowers are believed to impart good cheer and faith, with white daisies meaning innocence, loyal love, and purity
* Chrysanthemums (like roses) have several meanings (including love) depending on the colour but in general chrysanthemum flowers mean cheerfulness, optimism and joy and make a great gift between friends