Hamsa jewellery – gifting luck, protection and blessings

The meaning of Hamsa / Hand of Fatima / Hand of Mary / Hand of Miriam jewellery

a jewellery charm present for all faiths – and all beliefs     

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The Hamsa (or Hand of Fatima) is a palm-shaped amulet charm used in many societies and religions as a sign of good luck and protection – meaning defence against the ‘evil eye’ and supposedly a talisman charm for strengthening the vulnerable or weak.  

Turquoise Hamsa earrings
Hamsa earrings – turquoise
Hamsa charm bracelet
Hamsa Hand of Fatima charm bracelet – a gift with meaning for all faiths
Hand Fatima blue
Hand of Fatima mixed with other charms on this bracelet to give real significance
Hamsa Fatima Orange
The Hamsa helps make this piece of jewellery something with real inspirational meaning in many parts of the world
Pearl Hamsa earrings
Hamsa (Hand of Fatima) earrings – pearl

Uniquely of all symbols, it is represented in nearly all the major religions of the world and so makes the perfect piece of jewellery as a present to pass on your blessings, faith and inspiration – whatever a friend’s belief.

Levantine Christians call it the Hand of Mary, for the mother of Jesus.

In Jewish tradition, it is called the Hand of Miriam for Miriam, sister of Moses.

In Islam, the Hamsa pendant – or Hand of Fatima charm, represents the five fundamentals of Islamic religion – faith, prayer, pilgrimage, fasting and charity. The Arab and Israeli Hamsa hand is downward-facing.

In Greek or Turkish imagery, the charm / talisman is often combined with an eye in the hand – the blue all-seeing eye that is commonly seen on good luck charms in this part of the world.

Hamsa jewellery is also popular as a protective talisman in India and the southern Mediterranean regions. It is sometimes shown with a door in the centre – the open doorway to heavenly wisdom, so that God can more easily hear someone’s prayers, and so, for that person, all doors will be open and their path will be protected.

But overall, Hamsa jewellery is for protection, good fortune and compassion – with the hand being a healing symbol. When featuring an eye, the eye is thought to absorb positive energy and deflect negative energy or intentions. Some people say that when the Hamsa is shown with the fingers together it is for good fortune or good luck, and that when the fingers of the hand are apart or spread it is more for protection: Indeed, in some parts of the world, a Hamsa Hand of Fatima with the fingers spread is hung over the door of a pregnant woman to ward off evil spirits.

And so, the Hand of Fatima Hamsa represents protection, luck, blessings, power and strength . . in ALL religions –  it is a great lucky charm amulet or talisman for concilliation, and so makes a great gift    

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