Garnet jewellery – a gift with real meaning for travellers and lovers

The meaning of Garnet jewellery – a present especially suitable for someone travelling on a journey / trip . . and for lovers 🙂

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It is believed that Noah hung a huge Garnet to illuminate the dark around his Ark and to help him steer it and its ‘passengers’ to safety: So travellers started wearing Garnet to light up their journey and to give them protection from misfortune.  

Smokey Quartz garnet necklace
Quartz and Garnet necklace . . with special meaning for travellers and lovers
Garnet gemstone
Garnet – a gemstone with a long history of special significance
Garnet heart necklace
A gift for lovers too . . Garnet: for romance, intimacy, passion and sensuality

For this reason, Garnet has been used for centuries by many explorers and travellers as it is believed to protect the wearer when journeying far from home. In particular, Garnet pieces of jewellery were worn by the Crusaders as an aid to safety, and to bring them back home in one piece. Pieces of Garnet jewellery were often gifted to them by loved-ones to help guide them, watch over them and to protect them from harm.

Although a Garnet gem stone is often gifted to a loved-one to pass on good luck for their journey, Garnet is also the stone of romantic love and passion, enhancing sensuality and intimacy and encouraging a quick return of a separated love. In this sense, it is especially valued as a present to a lover or partner who is going to be away for a while on a trip.

Garnet is also thought to be extremely beneficial in the realm of business. Not only is it said to awaken creativity, positive energy, and self-confidence, but the gemstone is supposed to attract people to the wearer, which can help provide personal and business success.

Garnet is the gemstone for the month of January and can also be associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius.

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From the International Gemstone Association:

To a certain extent, a deep, warm red is the colour most frequently found in garnets, although the world of the garnets is far more colourful than that. Anyone who loves what is pure and natural and the warm, sun-bathed colours of late summer will be fired with enthusiasm by the colour spectrum of the garnet. Today, garnets mostly come from African countries, but also from India, Russia and Central and South America. The skilled hands of cutters the world over work them into many classical shapes, but also increasingly into modern, imaginative designer cuts. Garnets remain convincing with their natural, unadulterated beauty, the variety of their colours and their tremendous brilliance. Anyone acquiring garnet jewellery can be assured that the joy he or she derives from this beautiful gemstone gift from Nature will be long-lasting and undimmed.