About Indalo Mart and our gifts with meaning and jewellery that works

Indalo Mart is an online gift shop with bases in the UK and Spain, sourcing and selling meaningful presents and jewellery that works to inspire and motivate people.

We are a family-run business with ecological and environmentally-friendly ethics, and spiritual faith. We are part of the Indalo Camino / Good Luck Gifts group – and we sell gifts with meaning.

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Our online shop allows people to buy meaningful presents and jewellery that works to inspire them and their friends . . wherever they are situated in the world. Many of the gifts / presents feature the lucky Indalo of southern Spain (and other Spanish amulets like the Cross of St James (from the Camino de Santiago)), as well as talismans and inspirational jewellery from all over the globe.  

PRESENTS WITH MEANING – many of them inspired by Spain and the Mediterranean

The so-called ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’ is a balance between work and leisure . . and of taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Andalucia Flamenco

But, wherever you live, a lifestyle that some people envisage as typified by the Mediterranean, is about:

– taking the time to appreciate life and to share it with people about whom we care

– taking the time to treat yourself at least once a day 

– a good diet with regular physical activity

– and, a positive attitude . . typified by a desire to be healthy, happy and prosperous

Essentially, it is about quality of life. Nobel Prize winner, Amarthya Sen, has described quality of life as the best motivation for human development – and an aspiration that can be gifted from one person to another.

Gifts from the heart

We hope that, through the gifts available in our shop, you will be able to inspire your friends to achieve their dreams and encourage them to be happy and successful . . by gifting them unique and motivational presents and gifts with real meaning and so giving them your support, appreciation, encouragement or affection and letting them know that you’ve remembered them, and that you’re thinking about them, and that you care. As Tennessee Williams said: “There’s power in a thought made positive by a good luck charm” . . so, in that sense, lucky charm gifts really can help people’s dreams come true. People enjoy giving presents to their friends and loved-ones and you don’t have to spend a fortune to pass on your feelings or your best wishes to inspire or motivate the people that are close to you. It’s the message that is important – and our presents are designed uniquely for that purpose.

We trust that the range of meaningful presents in our SHOP will help you to inspire and encourage your friends – whatever their wishes (and yours)    

Would you like to show your support, appreciation, encouragement or affection for your friends or loved-ones, and to pass on luck, love, good fortune, health and protection? Well, we have just the thing for you: Jewellery that works – gifts that really can encourage people’s dreams to come true. The jewellery pieces have been specially selected as items of jewellery that have centuries of history behind them, as jewellery gifts with real meaning: They make wonderful presents with real effectiveness and ‘ jewellery that works ‘ 

Send someone one of our pieces of so-called ‘ jewellery that works ‘ as a present to inspire them, to encourage them, to pass on luck, love, good fortune and health, to support them and appreciate them – and to show them that you care.

ALL the symbols and gemstones used on Indalo Mart are recognised in one part of the world or another as symbols with special faith-giving and inspirational properties. Each and every one of them makes an ideal present with meaning – a gift from the heart. It is NOT necessary to Sign In NOR to open an account to order anything from Indalo Mart.   

Here are just a few customer comments :

“Absolutely delighted” (Rosie)
“I received the necklace!!! it’s so very pretty, and so very PERFECT!!!!! i love that it was so charmingly wrapped. She is going to love this necklace” (CH)
“Esta es un lujo. Me encantaaaa!” (Gemma)
“I love the presentation and packaging. It made the perfect gift to give for a good luck wish.” (Charlotte)
“My daughter and son in law loved their presents” (Michelle)
“Gracias, con mi adorado Indalo que lo llevo siempre conmigo” (Araceli)
“Thank you so much for your prompt response to my order.I am so pleased with my goods,and thank you for the token you sent. Hope to be in touch soon with another order” (D.S. Devon, UK)
“Qué mejor regalo que el símbolo de nuestra tierra!!” (Ana)
“I sincerely appreciate your customer service which is over and above any I have received from an internet provider” (FE)
“My friend absolutely loved her necklace. She didn’t take it off!” (Sue)
“Me encanta recibir este simbolo,mi padre era de almeria,gracias” (M Luisa)
“The talisman is absolutely beautiful. Thank u! ” (Mariana)
“Great service. goods arrived today. Many thanks” (PhilK)
“Precioso” (Ignacio M)
“Hi, just to let you know that the order arrived today, yet again superb fast service, and also high quality goods. I will have no hesitation in using you again, and will also recommend you to all my family and friends. Many, many thanks” (KK)
“Looking for something a bit special – and I found it on this site!” (R. Lee)
“Precioso, gracias, me siento feliz” (Maria)
“Thank you for your thoughtfulness and quick delivery in time for Christmas. You have given me fond thoughts of Spain” (DH)
“Emballage super beau !!! Génial !!! Je suis super contente et mon mari va être surpris et content !! Merci merci merci” (BL)
“Many thanks. Package arrived before I did. Great service. Regards J “
“Just a quick note to say the charm has arrived.Thank you for your prompt service” (TJ)
“He recibido hoy las cerámicas, todo perfecto. Muy bonitas las cajas de regalo y la tarjeta del Indalo Mágico.” (EV)
“OMG!  You guys are great!!!! I got the gift I ordered from you TODAY!!! It is beautiful and way beyond what I expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” (MG)