Aventurine jewellery – a lucky gift for the heart and soul

What is the meaning of Aventurine jewellery?

A gift of Aventurine jewellery is a gift to wish good luck. but Aventurine is also said to heal the soul – it is a Gift from the heart   

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Aventurine is for good luck and goal achievement and is sometimes called the Gambler’s Stone.

But Aventurine is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety and calm emotions, bringing about inner peace. It is a tonic for the soul and is thought to relieve emotional discomfort and stressful situations.  

Aventurine lucky Ladybird necklace set
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Aventurine Pearl necklace
Aventurine and Pearl for luck and calmness
Aventurine Shambala friends bracelet
Aventurine Shambala charm bracelet to wish a friend luck

This beautiful gemstone is also believed to reinforce peoples’ decision-making abilities, enhancing their leadership qualities, confidence, and creativity.

For these reasons, in some parts of the world Aventurine is referred to as the Healer of the Heart and Soul.

Aventurine can be associated with the birthstone sign of Taurus and the month of May. It is the Anniversary gemstone for the 8th year of the marriage.     

Search our shop for Aventurine jewellery with meaning

Aventurine is a translucent to opaque variety of quartz containing small inclusions of one of several shiny minerals which give the stone a glistening effect. The colour of the aventurine depends on the mineral included in the stone. Inclusions of mica will give a silverfish sheen, while inclusions of hematite give a reddish or greyish sparkle. Goethite and Hematite inclusions give the stone a reddish or greyish glitter or sheen. Aventurine ranges in colour from green, peach, brown, blue and a creamy green. All colours may be used in jewelry, but the green type is by far the most desirable. Aventurine is cut and polished into cabochons and beads for jewellery.

Aventurine has been used as a lucky talisman for centuries and is a popular stone for gamblers. Legends say that it is also an all-purpose healer, used to reduce stress, develop confidence, imagination and improve prosperity. Aventurine is supposed to help you make quick and accurate decisions and have a stabilising effect on the emotions . . and so it makes an excellent present for teenagers. A legend from ancient Tibet said that aventurine is good to improve nearsightedness and to increase the wearer’s creativity and it is supposed to be helpful for circulatory problems, including blockages caused by high cholesterol levels.