Life Path jewellery for life’s Camino: Bracelets and Necklaces for the life you were born to live

What are our Life Path bracelets and necklaces using numerology, the secret meaning of numbers?

Using the principles of the ancient art of numerology, some say it is possible to discover the so-called ‘life you were born to live’ . . and in this way improve your daily outlook on life, and bring you closer into contact with nature and others around you (see Life Path Number meanings below)

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Numerology is a 4,000-year-old science that gives meaning to numbers and some say, gives significance to your life. Like astrology, numerology is considered one of the intuitive arts and it is believed to increase the dimension of your understanding of your nature and personality: It has many systems, traditions and beliefs – from numerous cultures and teachings, including Babylonia, Pythagoras, astrological philosophy, psychology, early Christian mysticism, Gnostics, and the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah. The Hindu Vedas, the Chinese Circle of the Dead, and the Egyptian Book of the Masters of the Secret House also deal with numerical significance.

Wedding Life Path bracelet
Dual Life Path bracelet e.g for a wedding – with TWO people’s ‘numbers’ (represented by coloured beads) and a lucky Indalo talisman
Life Path bracelet zodiac
Life Path jewellery bracelet with additional (personalised) Zodiac symbols, and Camino shell charm
Life Path bracelet initial
Entire Life Path number 45/9 represented in colours on this bracelet, with the Initial letter charm F

Pythagoras (6th century BC Greece) believed that because mathematical concepts were more practical and easier to regulate and classify than physical ones, they had greater actuality, and that people could discover the secrets of these relationships.

More recently, Dr. Juno Jordan, brought numerology into the 20th century and helped it become the system known today as “Pythagorean”. Dr. Jordan’s work “The Romance in Your Name” provided a system for identifying key numerological influences in a name and birth date and to this day, it remains a seminal interpretive guide for numerology: It has been used to assess major aspects of personality and the cyclical patterns in life. As demonstrated by a leading website , numerology is purported to show that each of us was born with a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others, lessons we can learn, opportunities we’ll be given, and challenges we’ll face. For example, a simple Life Path Number of 4 is said to signify a disciplined, hard-working, sure-footed, and determined, individual who loves security, and is good at planning and administration (see below on how to calculate LPN, and the meanings of other Life Path Numbers).

Most of the ancient cultures of China, Japan, India, Babylon, and Egypt, were familiar with numerology long before the Greeks and Romans started using it, but there are 3 main systems: Chaldean, Pythagorean and Kabbalah: The Chaldean System comes from ancient Babylon and is probably the oldest. The Pythagorean system assigns the number value by the sequence of the western alphabet, and uses a number formula from 0 to 9.

The principal personal number – and the one most commonly used, is derived from your Date of Birth. It is called your simple Life Path Number. A fuller numerological profile can also include Destiny Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number.

Life Path number7
Silver charm bracelet with simple Life Path number 7 represented by blue glass bead
Capricorn charm bangle 1
Stainless steel charm bangle for a Capricorn with simple Life Path number 1 (represented by red wooden bead), and Camino scallop shell charm in silver
Lifes path bracelet
Entire Life’s Path bracelet for an Aquarius including Garnet gem, Zodiac and Constellation discs for Aquarius, the Initial N, and entire Life Path Number 30/3 in colours – along with Camino charm

Your Life Path Number is said to summarise your talents and explain the specific path you of your life – the so-called “Life you were born to live”. In addition, numerologists say that your Destiny Number describes your purpose or mission in this life; your Soul Number reveals your innermost desires and motivation; your Personality Number explains how other people see you; and your Maturity Number reveals your direction during the second half of your life. Through understanding these numbers, it is said that you can enhance spiritual growth.

Anyway, discovering these meanings can be fun and can enhance your experience of life – and many people find a remarkable correlation between the professed meaning of their Life Path Number, and their actual perceived character. Why not try it for yourself and see and discover your own ‘Camino’?

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Our Life Path Numerology bracelets, bangles or bands, are intended to transform this theory into a reality that can be carried around with you day by day –  thus enforcing your beliefs in the Camino of your life – and acting as a strong daily reminder of your aims, wishes and desires . . and so a powerful gift with meaning for a friend or loved-one. But remember, as with any intuitive art, Numerology is all about making you conscious of possibilities and is not a foolproof formula for making (or not) any decisions. Life is about living and experiencing, and the intuitive arts like Astrology and Numerology can have a role in this respect. It can be fun, and for many, it has real value.

Life Path bracelet . . What does yours mean?  and What exactly is our Life Path jewellery?

The Life Path bracelet is a bangle that contains a symbolic representation of you own special Life Path Number (as based on the ancient art of Numerology).

How do you calculate your Life Path Number and what does it mean?

In the ancient art of Numerology, a full numerological profile includes five numbers, but the principal, and most important is the Life Path Number. Over more than a thousand years, numerous methods of estimating and calculating life’s purpose from numbers have arisen. As mentioned, perhaps the most famous is the Pythagorean system – from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras (571- 495 B.C.) To calculate your number, we use a system with Pythagorean roots as outlined in a fascinating book by Dan Millman ” The life you were born to live “: This number, he says, acts as a blueprint for your whole life and this one number will never change for you. Your Life Path Number is said to greatly influence your personality and the opportunities and challenges you face. From this, it is possible to assess a great deal about yourself, and Dan’s book is a good source of this information.

For example:
Birth Date: 31/08/1954   –>   Birth Date Number : 3+1+0+8+1+9+5+4 = 31
Simple Life Path Number = 3+1 = 4
Entire Life Path Number would be 31/4

(Or, you can use Dan Millman’s online calculator: )

For aesthetic reasons, we represent these numbers using colours for the numerology code – with the colours taken from the natural spectrum of the universe (as can be seen in a full rainbow) as shown here – alongside their meanings:

1: Expresses individuality, leadership, and original thinking: 1’s are organised and ambitious: Red
2: Being accepting, forgiving, uncomplicated and stable, 2’s are peaceful and diplomatic nurturers and team members with devotion to truth and simplicity, and have great inner strength: Orange
3: Positive, active, harmonious, and pleasure-loving, 3’s are well-liked, living life head-on, and bringing hope and joy to others: Yellow
4: Disciplined, hard-working, sure-footed, and determined, 4’s can be rigid, but love security and are good at planning, organisation and administration: Lime Green
5: Lively, fun-loving, restless, adventurous, and quick-thinking, with a good sense of humour, 5’s are free-thinking indiduals liking freedom, challenges and change: Aegean Green
6: Being responsible, stable, supportive, and warm, 6’s are natural homemakers, passing on love and security in an adaptable and harmonious way; good problem solvers: Light Blue
7: Independent, disciplined and reflective – even introspective, 7’s are non-materialistic, philosophical intellectuals possessing great inner strength: Royal Blue
8: Worldly, practical, hardworking and organised, 8’s are impatient and tough goal-seekers who often accumulate wealth: Indigo / Heather
9: Creative, energetic, travel-loving achievers liking to complete their endeavours, 9’s are obsessive goal-seekers with bright ideas, high ideals and innate problem solving skills: Violet / Purple
0: Zero does not define Life Path as such, but acts to enhance the characteristics and energy of the number it is combined with:  White
The spacer/divider/separator is coloured Silver

eg Entire Life Path Number 31/4 would be represented by : I I I I

Life Path Number bracelet
Life Path number 31/4 represented on this bracelet
Numerology spectrum of numbers
Numerology Life Path Numbers represented by the colours of the rainbow spectrum 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
Life Path number 3
Bangle with wooden yellow bead representing a SIMPLE Life Path Number 3, plus silver Indalo charm

Simple Life Path Numbers are represented by a single couloured bead of glass or wood

Now you – and your friends or loved-ones (if you want to introduce them to this idea by gifting them a Life Path necklace or bracelet), can wear special and personal Life Path jewellery as a constant reminder of the positive characteristics to strive for in life . . and the negative ones to be aware of and hopefully avoid. The ball-clasp on our bracelets/necklaces is removable, so you can add more charms and symbols to the jewellery as you wish. For example, at a later date, you could add the Life Path Number of your partner, or an additional gemstone or charm.

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