Silver jewellery – a gift for subtle strength

Silver jewellery makes a gentle and sensitive present

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Silver is said to be gentle and sensitive: It is supposed to possess the wise and feminine energy of the moon, representing both intuition and imagination.

But does silver jewellery actually mean something?

Silver jewellery is said to be for purity, clarity and focus and it is believed to impart subtle strength – soothing and purifying the spirit.  

Silver Mother Pearl Indalo
Silver jewellery Indalo pendant with mother of pearl inlay
Scallop shell Vieira
Scallop shell – La Vieira de Santiago . . charm pendant in solid silver (jewellery with meaning)
St Christopher charm
Silver St Christopher charm – with tiny silver heart and birthstone crystal

Historically, silver jewelry has been related to compassion and justice, and was believed to represent dignity, self-control and responsibility. Even nowadays, some people say that silver passes on both wisdom and open-mindedness and is full of optimism.

Because of silver’s connection to the moon and the effects on the tide, its power is said to move with an ebb and flow.

Silver also represents an element of mystery.     

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