Lourdes spring water jewellery

. . small pendants and bracelets containing water from Lourdes – for miracles of the soul   

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. . for miracles of the soul and to unlock something of the power of faith 

Whatever your beliefs, you can always help to uplift someone else – a friend, a loved one, a companion . . with acts of kindness.

And our Lourdes water jewellery (with pendants / amulets containing pure water from the spring in Lourdes, France (just to the north of the Spanish-French border)) could make a perfect gift in this respect: 

Lourdes vial dk blue
Pendant containing water from Lourdes – on a necklace
Lourdes vial shark ag
Shark’s tooth-shaped pendant containing water from Lourdes
Lourdes vial lt blue
Light blue murano glass pendant necklace containing Lourdes water

Many believe that Lourdes water gives someone a feeling of wholeness and calmness – even in bad times of illness and despair. And with these necklaces and bracelets, you can help share this belief with people you are close to.

So, what is it about Lourdes, and the oft-called Holy Water?

The village of Lourdes in the foothills of the French Pyrenees just north of the Spanish border, was the site of a series of visions in the late 19th Century by a 14-year-old girl called Bernadette Soubirous, who was led to believe that she saw the Virgin Mary. At first she reported seeing a ‘beautiful lady’ in a small and rather unkempt grotto close to her home town. Bernadette’s story caused a sensation with the townspeople, who were unsure whether she was telling the truth. But she soon had a large number of people following her on her daily trips to the grotto, some out of curiosity, and others who believed that they were witnessing a miracle. Lourdes became a national issue in France and gradually over the next few months, and years, the fresh-water spring at Lourdes became a place of worship – and of pilgrimage.

Eight million pilgrims now visit the grotto at Lourdes each year, believing that the waters possess remarkable healing powers. The Catholic Church has documented some 7,000 cases of unexplained cures at the shrine, and they’ve declared dozens of them as official miracles. It has such an important place in Christianity, that Pope John Paul II visited the shrine twice. And although the spring water is believed by many to possess healing properties, the Church itself says that the water doesn’t appear to have any specific scientific or medical properties – only the power of faith.

And it is this faith which is important:

A local nun who used to help people at the spring in the early 20th Century, used to say: “It’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the faith and the prayer

Lourdes lies at a height of 420 m (1,380 ft) on the Iberian peninsular, and the fast-flowing river Gave de Pau runs past the banks of the grotto and then upstream to Pau and Biarritz. But, there have been many reported cases of supposed cures that didn’t actually happen at Lourdes, but were connected to the water from the grotto that had been sent out from Lourdes to the four corners of the world. This encouraged many who couldn’t get to Lourdes (but who still had faith in its supposed healing powers) to treasure the water as ‘Holy’ and ‘magical’. Indeed, you only have to spend time at the grotto to see how deep people’s faith is: This is Christianity’s most visited place after Rome: It is the focal point of 8 million believers each year: It must mean something: And it does.

With our unique Lourdes spring-water jewellery, it is possible to send a little bit of this faith and belief to friends and loved-ones – to people that you care about, wherever they are located in the world. It could, for example, have an influence on someone who is suffering sickness or despair, and who perhaps could do with some more hope in their lives.

Perhaps there really is a power greater than that of man, higher than that of science, greater than that of medicine. Who knows? Suffering and despair often wants to cling to something; it must have hope – and many put their faith in a little bit of water from Lourdes. It could make a unique gift to someone special (eg: as a Get Well Soon gift, a present to a loved-one, or simply as a gift for someone who has been to Lourdes).

Help grant peace and hope to a friend, or cast a merciful glance upon those who are suffering from some of life’s difficulties. 


The Sanctuary at Lourdes is sometimes included in the famous Camino de Santiago / The Way of St James which pilgrims have walked for over a thousand years to reach the great gothic cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of St James, the patron Saint of Spain are buried. Normally, the starting point for the Camino in France would be Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port / Roncesvalles on the French-Spanish border but, by adding Lourdes (to the East) to the journey, the Camino experience is enhanced. Many say that when in Lourdes they feel a great energy and by starting the Camino de Santiago from Lourdes the whole trip to Santiago would be even more special. But, it adds a substantial distance to the Camino which can be arduous through the Pyrenees. Alternatively, one can  cross the Pyrenees on a more southerly route into Jaca and then continue along the famous Aragonese Way which joins up with the Camino Francés at Puente de la Reina, to the south of Pamplona (famous for its bull-runs)

SEARCH our shop for Lourdes jewellery  . .

. . for miracles of the soul and to unlock something of the power of faith