Tiger’s Eye jewellery – a present with meaning to promote vision and foresight

What is the meaning of Tiger’s Eye jewellery?

¿Can it really promote clarity and vision?

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It is said that Tigers Eye is the gemstone for vision, clarity and belief and, for this reason, it is sometimes gifted as a present in the business world.

As the name suggests, Tiger’s Eye (or TigerEye) was believed to promote clear-eyed vision and attentiveness. Roman soldiers wore Tigers Eye for protection in battle because the stone was thought to be all-seeing.  

Tigers Eye Lucky Necklace
Tigers Eye necklace for foresight and therefore good fortune / luck
Tigers Eye Coral believe bangle
Tigers Eye and Coral with small cross to emphasise the clarity and intention of this charm bracelet
Tigers Eye earring drops
Tigers Eye earrings – a gift to promote clarity and foresight
Tigers Eye Shambala faith bracelet
Tigers Eye Shambala bracelet – a gift to encourage business success and between lovers to help them tune in to each other in a psychic or telepathic way

Wearers of this gemstone are said to be more attuned with their surroundings and act more appropriately for a particular event.

Tigers Eye jewellery is often associated with the correct use of power, courage and grace, and with the ability to see clearly and without illusion.

Tigers Eye is said to help people see themselves and the world around them more perceptively.

Pieces of jewellery containing Tiger’s Eye have been used as presents to encourage business success, as well as, between lovers to help them tune in to each other in a psychic or telepathic way.     

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From the International Coloured Gemstone Association:

Tiger eye is a popular and curious gemstone.

Tiger’s eye quartz contains brown iron which produces its golden yellow colour. Cabochon cut stones of this variety show the chatoyancy (small ray of light on the surface) that resembles the feline eye of a tiger. The light reflected from the fibres produces a strong sheen or silky appearance – with the variation in colour density sometimes producing a ‘tiger-eye’ effect – hence the name. Since the tiger symbolises strength, power, determination, and the ability to survive, the tiger’s eye gemstone is believed to hold similar symbolism and powers. When carried as a piece of talisman jewellery, it is thought to be a protection gem stone.

The most important deposit is in South Africa, though tiger’s eye is also found in Western Australia, Burma (Myanmar), India and California.