Presents from the Heart

A gift from the heart is a sign of true love and signifies an emotional feeling towards a friend, relative or loved-one

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A symbolic heart, when given as a gift, can express a number of sentiments including an amorous love connection (you are offering (to give) your heart) . . or, when given to a friend, it can express a feeling of deep attachment (and possibly a desire for a more romantic relationship)

Either way, love can be an intense emotional attachment. It means having a deep, tender and ineffable feeling of affection towards another person.

Rose Quartz love heart
Rose Quartz (the ‘love stone’) and a tiny solid silver heart on this necklace passes on a message of love
Heart in purple
Heart shaped sterling silver charm from Spain featuring the Indalo symbol for good luck in love (also available in gold)
Heart wish box necklace
Put your own meaningful missive inside this heart-shaped wish box pendant
Valentine hearts Indalo
Unique hand-crafted Valentines gift with pink hearts on an Indalo charm necklace
Aquamarine love lock heart bracelet
Love heart lock on this Aquamarine bracelet

For this reason, a present from the heart such as a piece of heart jewellery, can pass on several meanings:

– It can express an intense emotional attachment towards another person

– It can express a feeling of compassion and human kindness

– Or, it can simply be sign of affection, or a gift of unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for a friend

The almost universal symbol of these emotions is the Heart. Love comes from a place deep within us which at times appears disconnected from our brain or from any logical thought. It is believed to stem from our heart . . and it is an enigma.

But the symbol of the heart is understood by all – especially romantic lovers – and it is gifted by millions every day the world over. A present from the heart or a gift like a heart necklace can mean so much.

Gift a friend or loved-one a piece of heart jewellery, and you are gifting them some of your innermost feelings. No doubt, in return, you hope you will receive some recognition of your emotional tenderness.   

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