Gold jewellery – the gift of the magi

What is the meaning of Gold jewellery – the so-called gift of the magi?

Gold makes a present with great symbolism and meaning . . since time immemorial


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. . jewelry with meaning and a present from the heart for the one you love

Ahh! . . GOLD: It is perfection; Gold is eternity, it is ‘worth’ and it is extravagance. For this, it is light, it is life, it is radiance and health.

Gold is also power. It is achievement and triumph – it is the colour of the winner. It has prestige.

But historically, gold is also divine – and, in the past, has been indicative or symbolic of the journey of the soul into spirituality and deep understanding.  

Golden horseshoe charm
This solid 18 carat golden horseshoes pendant charm features the lucky Indalo of Almería, Andalucía, Spain
Santiago shell gold jewelry
Santiago de Compostela scallop shell pendant in solid gold
Santiago coral cross
Gold plated scallop shell of St James is the centre piece of this meaningful silver, coral and azabache cross
Moonstone Pearl love necklace
Small gold-plated heart features on this Moonstone and Pearl love charm necklace
Gold jewellery Indalo
Golden Indalo jewellery necklace pendant

Gold jewellery is supposed to represent the masculine energy that comes from the sun (as opposed to the feminine energy and sensitivity of the silver moon). Gold, it is true, lights up and enhances everything around it – it attracts attention. Yes . . gold jewellery as a gift, is still something really special – especially when one considers the peaking of gold prices on the international commodity markets. No . . a gift of gold is not something ‘cheap’

Gold is sophistication; Gold is both elegance and status. And golden jewellery is for love and commitment.

Gold has been called the gift of the Magi – and it is believed to work magic on the recipient . . and do whatever you ask of it. Gold jewellery makes a present of true meaning / significance.  

Gold is the precious symbol of the 50th wedding anniversary. Gold jewellery is (and always will be) something really special.

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. . jewelry with meaning and a present from the heart for the one you love