Caravaca Cross jewellery – a heartfelt gift with real meaning

What exactly is the meaning of a piece of Caravaca Cross jewellery?

To a lot of people, especially Catholics in Spain, La Cruz de Caravaca is a gift to give inner peace    

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The Cross of Caravaca (la Vera Cruz) is said to be a powerful amulet believed to ward off evil and increase good fortune – and is said to impart a deep feeling of tranquility.

People say that the Caravaca Cross (housed in Caravaca in, Murcia, southern Spain) is the ‘true’ cross on which Jesus perished. Certainly it is true that in 1942, the Vatican gifted three pieces of what they perceived to be the ‘real cross’ to the small town of Caravaca.  

Cruz Caravaca moderna 8332
Cruz de Caravaca – modern style Christian cross pendant
Spanish bougainvillea Caravaca
Caravaca Cross earrings
Caravaca Cross earrings – a gift of peace
Decorative cross
Decorative Caravaca Cross pendant – in sterling silver

But to millions of people around the world, the Caravaca Cross is simply the best symbol of faith and inspiration . . and they wear a Caravaca Cross as an amulet to ward off evil, attract good fortune – and for the  feeling of inner peace which the cross is supposed to impart.

The Catholic Church in Rome has acknowledged the Caravaca story 9and its cross) as a miracle, and the cross has been called the Holy Cross or the True Cross.

People who wear symbolic representations of the cross feel emotionally attached to the legend. The aura surrounding the Vera Cruz is undeniable, and many who have worshipped in the side chapel in the small Murcian town where the Cross is housed, are touched by an overwhelming sense of peace. The faith of millions of worshippers throughout hundreds of years of history seem to fill the sanctuary with love, along with an essence of deep belief, faith and peace, sanctifying the three splinters from the cross on which Jesus Christ himself is thought to have perished.     

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