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Our jewellery is jewellery with meaning, yes – but it is Jewellery with Soul too: It makes you feel something – it makes you feel good.

Jewellery with soul - Heart
Hammered heart necklace and birthstone crystal
Jewelry with soul in Toledo
Camino bracelet with soul
Camino bracelet Compostela ft St James cross

This website is about jewellery with meaning. But . . more often than not, jewellery with meaning is jewellery with Soul . . it makes you feel something inside.

Ladybird earrings
Ladybird earrings
St Christopher pendant
St Christopher pendant
yellow cactus

Memories are stirred in the soul – and we can stir them with our unique range of inspirational jewellery with meaning and soul

The soul is the seat of human feelings and emotions. It is the vital core – and it has great energy. Indeed, the soul is infinite – larger than the sky: It has spirit; it has reason; it has intellect: It is a vital force . . . it is life

So why are some pieces of jewellery so simple and yet so attractive?

Because they have soul – they stir something within.

Our jewellery is unique in this sense: It is jewellery with meaning, yes – but it is jewellery with SOUL too.