Horseshoe jewellery – a gift with a lucky meaning

What is the meaning of Horseshoe jewellery?

Does a horseshoe really gift good luck?

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. . jewelry with significant meaning and a present that supposedly passes on good luck

The Horseshoe is probably the most commonly recognised good luck symbol in all the Western World: Millions of people think it is lucky, and that the horseshoe symbol is a magically protective amulet or talisman.

Horseshoe jewellery makes the ideal lucky charm present because of its good luck meaning.  

Lucky horseshoes cufflinks
Men’s cufflinks featuring Horseshoes for good luck
Gold horseshoe Indalo
Solid gold Horseshoe charm pendant – also featuring the Indalo charm of Almería, Spain, for added good luck
Horseshoe Carnelian
Horseshoe & Indalo charm in sterling silver on Carnelian choker – hung this way up for luck in many cultures/countries

Since earliest times, man has believed that the crescent or U-shape was a powerful protective talisman:

For the Greeks, horseshoe jewellery symbolised the crescent moon which was regarded as a symbol of fertility, with links to Moon goddesses such as Artemis and Diana.

In ancient Celtic tradition (a culture not averse to great symbolism), horseshoe jewellery was used to ward off the mischievous fairies.

In Olde English tradition, St. Dunstan, the favourite saint of old England, nailed a horseshoe to a horse when he was working as a blacksmith. But, the horse was actually the Devil in disguise and it caused the Devil great pain. St. Dunstan only agreed to remove the shoe and release the Devil after he promised never to enter a house with a horseshoe. And so, the symbol of protection and goodness arose.

For these reasons, the combination of luck, protection, religion, and magic are all captivated by Horseshoe jewellery and many people believe it will bring their friends good luck – especially when gifted as a present, and will help them ward off evil and misfortune / bad luck.  

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