Camino gifts – presents with meaning

Camino gifts – a gift with a difference and a present meant for special times

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Friends of El Camino

We are “Amigos del Camino” – friends or buddies of El Camino in Spain . . con regalos del Camino – joyas (pulseras, collares, pendientes y colgantes) – jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants that make great presents and souvenirs from Spain, especially for our American friends with buddies or loved-ones travelling from the USA to walk or cycle part of El Camino.

Some people say that souvenirs these days are void of character and soul – and, to a certain extent, in the modern, mass-production world of commerce, this could be true.

But Camino gifts and souvenirs, by their nature, have a certain meaning and significance in their own right.

This solid silver dogtag depicts the St James cross, one symbol of the Way of St James – El Camion de Santiago
On the actual Camino journey (from many directions across Spain) you can see this shell symbol
Principal symbol of the Camino de Santiago seen here as an exquisite piece of hand-crafted jewellery in solid gold

This is especially true of hand-crafted artisan products like Camino bracelets seen along the Camino, and in Santiago de Compostela – final destination of pilgrims and other walkers along the Way of St James in northern Spain (and indeed, along some of the other Camino routes such as the French Way, La Ruta de Plata up from Seville in Andalucia and Portugal, Camino Mozarabe, and the shorter English Way from the north coast). We stock many Camino souvenirs and Joyas del Camino de Santiago (Camino jewellery) in CENTRAL (Group) STORE shop.

Gift wrapping the Camino

All Camino presents are gift-wrapped – and you can add a personal message

Our aim is to offer Camino gifts with real soul and character, and you can be sure that they are of the best quality – mostly crafted in Galicia and Asturias. These Camino gifts will hold their worth and their personal value for centuries. Our gifts from El Camino, like our Camino bracelets, Camino necklaces, silver and gold jewellery, all have a spiritual dimension as well as a personal meaning such as achievement, goal setting, friend-making, etc. They are a symbol of something . . and they are gifts with soul.

You don’t have to be a Christian believer to appreciate El Camino, and you don’t have to have visited the Field of Stars, or to have walked the St James Way to appreciate one of our Camino gifts. But perhaps you (or friends / buddies / loved-ones) are thinking about it?