Sodalite jewellery – the gift of peace and calm

What is the meaning of Sodalite jewellery?

It makes the ideal present for people with a hectic lifestyle

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. . it makes a lovely gift to pass on your wishes for calmness and tranquility

Sodalite is the peace and negotiation gemstone – a gem for endurance.

Sodalite jewellery is characterised by its dark, intense blue colour – sometimes with white or yellow streaks.  

Sodalite necklace for luck
Sodalite necklace believed to bring peace and calm, and also luck in negotiations
Collar de Sodalite creer
Collar de Sodalite para creer y para tranquilidad y paz
Colgante sodalite believe
Sodalite necklace with small pendant (colgante en Español) charm that says Believe

Egyptian priests used to use Sodalite to dispel fear and to promote a clear, insightful mind. But ‘mystics’ say the gemstone can help change the way you feel about yourself.

Sodalite is believed to have subtle, soothing energies and help people see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, calmer and less hectic lifestyle.

But a gift of sodalite jewellery is also believed to be good for healing rifts in partnerships and relationships, because it is said to help bring calm to arguments or disagreements – thus aiding mediators and peace makers.

SEARCH our online shop for Sodalite  jewellery . .

. . it makes an ideal gift to pass on your wishes for calm and tranquility.

Sodalite is also sometimes referred to as the stone of endurance, so sodalite jewellery makes a perfect gift for athletes (and other sports persons); It is also believed to help someone be grounded and focused, before beginning any task and to help them complete tasks and goals with ease.