Red Jasper jewellery – a gift for protection and strength

The significance of Red Jasper means that it’s an ideal present to give a friend that perhaps needs a little bit of support or help

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Jasper was a favourite gem in the ancient worlds of Persia, Assyria, and Greece. It has been known as the guardian gem stone for protection for thousands of years. 

On Minoan Crete, Jasper was in evidence as a precious stone in 1800 BC. The gem was mentioned for its protective qualities in Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Latin, and Assyrian literature.  

Red Jasper necklace gift
Simple Red Jasper necklace
Red Jasper Angel charm bracelet
Red Jasper, Guardian Angel charms – and a little cross . . a great piece of ‘jewellery with meaning’
Red Jasper Indalo necklace
Red Jasper gems combined with a silver Indalo dog tag for extra protection and luck – especially when travelling

Jasper is said to guard against evil spirits, and is believed to bring courage, and relief from pain.

In consequence, Jasper jewellery is believed to promote physical stamina and to send negative energy back to the sender, the way a mirror reflects light. It is also thought to give someone the courage to speak out and the bravery to achieve personal independence.

Red Jasper was used to give energy and courage to Native American warriors who were preparing for conflict.

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From the International Gemstone Association:

Jasper was a favourite gem in the ancient world; its name can be traced back in Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Latin.

Jasper is often named according to its pattern: For example, landscape jasper offers a small panorama in stone. Ribbon jasper, picture jasper, and orbicular jasper are the names of other varieties. Jasper is found in many countries.

The red jasper gemstone is usually used as a symbol of protection and is known to protect against the hazards of the night. Red jasper is believed to ease emotional stress, and give you mental power. The gemstone is also believed to help in healing and to give courage. In the Far East, when your body loses ‘balance’, people do not go hospital; instead they wear the red jasper gemstone – helping to balance the emotional energies in the body, and promote physical energy.