Clover jewellery – for the gift of good luck

The meaning of Clover jewellery – often gifted as a good luck charm

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. . a present with meaning dating back centuries

It is widely believed that the meaning of clovers pre-dates Christianity, going back to a time when clovers were used as Celtic charms. The Celts once extended across Ireland and into much of Western Europe and the Celtic priests, the Druids, considered them a sign of good luck, allegedly protecting against evil spirits and warding off evil / bad luck.  

Lucky clovers cufflinks
So-called Lucky Clovers seen here on a pair of cufflinks which, when gifted as a present would theoretically give the wearer greater luck
Lucky 4 leaf clover watch
Lucky jewellery – a 4 leaf clover watch
Aventurine 3 clover Pearl necklace
Clovers for good luck on this Aventurine necklace (also believed to have good luck properties and otherwise known as ‘The Gambler’s Stone’)

Nowadays, clovers are generally recognised as symbols of good luck and clover jewellery can be gifted as lucky charms. According to legend, with a four-leafed clover, the four leaves represent hope, faith, love, and luck because, in Irish Christian tradition, the Shamrock (or 3-leaf clover) represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. When a Shamrock has a fourth leaf, it represents God’s Grace, and so encapsulates everything that a person could want. Christian legend has it that Eve carried four-leaf clovers from the Garden of Eden.

Children in the Middle Ages believed that they could see fairies if they carried a 4-leaf clover.

The mystique of the clover or shamrock continues today and it is considered an ideal present to wish a friend or colleague good luck for a special occasion or event.  

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