Smokey Quartz jewellery – a gift for someone wanting to achieve goals

What is the meaning of Smokey Quartz jewellery?

As a present, it can be gifted to help instill a quiet confidence and encourgae friends or loved ones who need a boost

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We all know the beauty of smoky quartz jewellery and the importance of it as an accessory. But what does it mean?

Smokey Quartz is said to be the gemstone for endurance and reality; It is also said to help people achieve goals:  

Smokey Quartz necklace
Necklace of Smokey Quartz to help a friend achieve their goal?
Smokey Quartz Garnet Clover necklace
Same Smokey Quartz necklace (with Garnet) but this time with a lucky clover pebble charmstone

Like a dream that shows us things we don’t want to see, Smokey Quartz is believed to help people to consider the things that they sometimes wish to deny. For this reason, a gift of a piece of Smokey Quartz jewellery is said to be good for people facing challenges that seem insummountable, and for alleviating panic attacks, anxiety, and nightmares.

Smokey Quartz is also believed to instil balance and harmony, and to help bring about peace, enhancing quiet reflection. If your loved one or friend needs an extra boost, give them a Smokey Quartz gemstone present and help them to achieve their goal.

Furthermore, Smokey Quartz is said to enhance someone’s ability to get things done in a practical way by improving their organisational skills, and so it is good to have around the workplace. It is said to provide clarity of thought, improve intuition and enhance the survival instinct.

It is also thought to be good for people in recovery and and for those about to go for an operation in hospital – and so making a perfect Get Well Soon present.

All in all, this is a wonderful stone for a friend or loved one trying to achieve goals such as quitting smoking or losing weight (and for business success too), and for those who are a bit ‘under the weather’ and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  

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From the International Coloured Gemstone Association:

Smokey quartz has been said to be tuned in to the sounds of the universe and is said to help people be telepathic. In the East, it is used to deflect the negative energy from others, and so facilitate the ability to get things done. It is a good gift to enhance organizational skills.

Smokey quartz is also thought to provide people with spiritual energy, and give someone the power to feel good, and keep them in a good mood.