Charmstone jewellery gifts with real meaning

What is the meaning of Charmstone jewellery? Do charm-stones have hidden magical powers? Some people think so.

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Charmstones are believed to have mystical or healing powers and are often gifted as lucky charms – for many special events or occasions, in order to help people avoid bad luck.  

Lucky Indalo charmstone on Indian Agate gemst
The Indalo symbol of good luck and protection forms a part of this jewellery set
Rainbow Warrior charmstone from Indalo Art
Our namesake: The Indalo symbol on a lucky charm stone necklace
Indalo charmstone as a present
Jewellery present with meaning – Indalo charmstone pendant
Charmstone Gifts
Charmstones gifted on their own in a presentation box

Their history and uses of charm stones are extensive: Indeed, the British Museum in London has a whole collection of good luck charms dating back centuries; President Roosevelt carried one in his jacket, as did Napoleon.

Talismans of faith and inspirational charms are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world, and the charmstone is valued as a lucky amulet by lots of them.   

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