Camino bracelets – perfect gift from Santiago, Spain for friend’s travel journey

Camino bracelets and the Way of St James, Spain. Jewellery with meaning: Why? What is a Camino bracelet from Santiago de Compostela?

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Friends of El Camino

We are ‘friends of El Camino’

Why gift a Camino bracelet?

Because of the history of El Camino, the journey through the ‘field of stars’ – the 1,000-year-old pilgrim route along the Way of St. James, Camino jewellery such as Camino bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings make great gifts for people who are about to embark on a new adventure in their lives – setting out on a journey, for example, or moving to a new place, going away to University or starting a new job. Whether you are in the US (United States of America), Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain, Ireland, Deutschland / Germany, France, or whatever, a Camino bracelet from the Way of St James, Santiago de Compostela, is a gift for a lifetime – a gift with real meaning: Really special Camino jewelry for a buddy / friend.

Do you know someone who could do with some extra encouragement and support as they embark upon new ventures or a new journey? Show them that you care and that you are thinking of them with a gift of one of our Camino bracelets. They come gift-wrapped, like all our gifts – and we can add a personal message on your behalf – and they are suitable for all your loved-ones and friends: Man or woman, boy or girl – whether that person is your son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife – or simply a good friend.

Camino Atlantico
El Camino del Norte follows the north coast of Spain and you can often see the wild Atlantic as it enters the Bay of Biscay
Symbolic Camino bracelet
Camino bracelet from Santiago de Compostela, hand-crafted in Galicia, northern Spain showing the symbolic concha shell symbol and arrow
Camino steps in sand
Camino steps in the sand on the coastal way to Santiago

Camino bracelets from Santiago de Compostela also make a great gift for a friend or loved-one who is about to make their own trip along El Camino de Santiago. The Way of St. James criss-crosses Western Europe, arriving at Santiago through northern Spain. There are also other routes – up from the south for example, including the Portuguese coastal way, and the Ruta de Plata from the great gothic Cathedral in Seville.

Gift wrapping the Camino

Part of a range of gift wrapping for our Camino bracelets – and add your own personal message

So why gift a Camino bracelet?

Because of its nature, El Camino is nowadays regarded more as a journey of the body, mind and spirit. Modern travellers do the Camino, not only for spiritual and/or religious reasons, but also for personal reasons – simply taking time out from their busy, modern lives. For many, the walk is to find inspiration – improving their outlook on life, bringing them into closer contact with nature and expanding their cultural horizons through contact with other travellers. Everyone experiences the journey in a different way.

St James Camino bracelet
This Camino bracelet features the cross of St James, the patron Saint of all Spain and of Santiago (Santa Iago) and so one of the principal symbols of El Camino (along with the scallop shell)
On el Camino
Signs guide you on El Camino – like this one in Ciudad Rodrigo to the south of Santiago in Extramadura
Bead for Camino bracelet
Silver bead for Camino bracelet – European style, with hanging scallop shell and inscription 2010 because that year was a Holy Year in Santiago since the Feast of St James (on 25th July) fell on a Sunday

And so, with a Camino bracelet gift you can encourage and support your friends and loved-ones as they walk their OWN Camino . . in reality, or metaphorically in life, and face its challenges. Let us send a hand-crafted Spanish Camino bracelet on your behalf to show how much you care – something they can carry with them from the start of their journey to remind them of their ultimate goal.

El Camino de Santiago is recognised as one of the greatest walking journeys in the world and Camino bracelets, like our other Camino jewellery, also serve as souvenirs for people who have already travelled the Way of St James.

Inspire your friends and help them to be fortunate and safe in their life with one of our Camino bracelets.


Across Spain, there are numerous groups dedicated to the Camino route to Santiago – travelling north and west along various ‘rutas’ established over the centuries to reach their final goal – the great Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. The most famous of these is along the northern coast from France. But other routes such as La Vía de Plata from Sevilla in Andalucía are also popular. Another, el Camino Mozárabe de Santiago comes from Malaga and . . Almería.

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