Jewellery gifts to bless a baby

The meaning of Baby blessing jewellery – presents to inspire the parents of a newborn child  (and their friends)


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Badges of inspiration are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world. But Baby Blessing jewellery (and birth celebration gifts in general) are something special. They are intended to bless a new baby and welcome it into the wonder of the world.

Gifts to bless a baby are meant to celebrate the arrival of a new life. In reality, they are tokens to remind a friend or loved-one of their true blessing – the miracle of a new baby boy or girl.

A baby blessing present is a magical gift.  

Baby blessing
Baby blessing ring to pass on your best wishes with a small gift
Wish box necklace
Small wish box memento to pass on your best wishes to the baby and parents
Scallop shell box
Sterling silver scallop shell keepsake

In the United States, a Baby Shower is held to celebrate the pending arrival of a newborn baby boy or girl, or to celebrate the actual birth.

In the Christian faith, there is also the Christening.

Do you know a friend / relative who would appreciate a special gift with meaning (however small) for their arrival of their new baby, or for some meaningful gift for the day of the baby shower?

In days gone by, parents were told to be careful and guard over their new baby – lest bad spirits or wicked fairies took control. Even today, in some circles, superstition requires that we offer some sort of present to the newborn child, its parents, or Godparents, as a means of protection for the the baby and to wish the child good fortune.

In ancient Celtic folklore, it was believed that an unprotected baby could be abducted by fairies of the elfin tribe who left ugly fairies in their stead (changelings). 

Other customs include exposing the newborn baby to the waxing moon to give the child strength, and gifting a new baby with all manner of tokens to ward off the evil eye and bring prosperity.

Even in modern America, the baby shower reflects some of these old customs and superstitions and, for this reason, jewellery and other presents are often gifted (to both family, and child). (Presents are sometimes gifted to the guests as well.)     

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