Damascene jewellery – necklaces and pendants in gold and silver from Toledo

Damascene necklaces and pendants from Toledo – a gift from Spain

We have a base is in Spain and so we stock a few pieces of the famous damascene jewellery from the beautiful city of Toledo – once the capital of Castilian Spain.

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The damascene process etches arabesque or geometric designs into steel and then inlays gold or silver wire until the gold (or silver) has penetrated into the cuts so as to finish the design. The damascene jewellery piece is then ‘blued’ to produce a black background by oxidation of the surfaces which are not damascened.

Our damascene necklaces and pendants (damasquinados in Spanish) are of the highest quality – traditional and finely-crafted damascene jewellery from Toledo, Spain – handmade using artisan techniques that date back over 1,000 years with yellow gold of 24 karats, green gold of 18 karats or 925 sterling silver laid into the engraving with a minimum thickness of three microns. They make eye-catching and magnificent gifts.

Damascene necklace gold
Damascene necklace in gold in the shape of heart – with gold chain
Damascene cross Christian fish
Finely-worked Damascene cross in gold with Christian Fish design – on gold chain
Damascene jewellery cross
Damascene jewellery cross necklace in silver – on 925 silver chain

Toledo is the largest centre in the world for damascene jewellery –  damascene necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and cufflinks –  including damascene gold jewellery , damascene silver jewellery, and other items such as letter openers, pill boxes and pendants. The shape of the item also gives the damascene artwork its own special meaning. For example, we stock intricate damascene jewellery crosses and heart pendants which make fabulous gifts with meaning.

The circle is the dominant shape within the design itself of the damascene artwork, but crests and insignias also feature, with flowers and birds the most popular motifs in the so-called renaissance style. Others damascened pieces have figures engraved on them – with religious symbols, animals, and of course, the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha, often set against a landscaped background. These are truly intricate and beautiful works of art that make spectacular and unique gifts – each one hand-crafted and special.

Damascene jewellery . . a real gift from Spain

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Note about Toledo in America:
Toledo, Ohio, USA linked with Toledo, Spain as a sister city in 1931, creating the oldest formally-recognised sister-city relationship in the world – although the cultural and historical connection goes back to at least 1835.  On the fiftieth anniversary, in 1981, large delegations travelled in both directions, and the Americans were received by King Juan Carlos who presented a plaque to the American delegation commemorating this enduring relationship.