Thank You blessing rings and other tokens to say Thanks

Gift blessing rings and other jewellery tokens that say ‘ Thank you ‘ or ‘ Thanks ‘

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Badges of inspiration are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, all over the world and, despite its simple nature, the ‘ Thank You ‘ token is something really special. It means that a you really appreciate what a friend or colleague has done . . for you.  

Thank you token
Thank you token or blessing ring – can be put in a pocket/purse or strung on a necklace

If you gift a Thanks token blessing ring, or other type of Thanks jewellery, your friend or loved-one will always remember you – and your gratitude for how they helped you. Every time they wear it, or see it, it will remind them of you. It is a powerful personal statement. 

Thank you Mother necklace
Thank you Mum!

Our presents / thanks jewellery is exactly that . . pieces of jewellery designed to pass on your feelings of gratitude to a friend or loved-one.    

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. . it makes a present with real meaning