Presents for Courage

Courage is said to be like love; it must have hope to nourish it.

But in reality, courage is the quality that nurtures all others . . and, we have the presents in our shop thought to help people find courage 🙂

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Courage is a state of mind and it allows someone to face fear or danger with bravery, confidence, self-possession, and resolution. It is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation with strength and faith. Courage is said to be the most important of all the virtues, because without courage people cannot practice any other virtue . . consistently.  

Agate Shambala courage bracelet
Agate is the ‘protection stone’ and this Shambala bracelet would make a thoughtful present for a friend needing a bit of extra courage for a particular challenge
Anchor bracelet for courage
Jewellery with meaning: This anchor bracelet could give a friend the courage to succeed; it is well known that the anchor is a symbol for steadfastness, survival and hope, and a fearless enjoyment of life – encouraging people to ‘go for it’
Courage love heart
A charm bracelet gift inspiring courage . . sent with love
St James camino bracelet for courage
Jewellery with real meaning: This Camino bracelet features the St James cross which is believed to promote courage, strength and hope
Courage cross
The cross on this courage charm bracelet adds a Christian dimension

In the Christian faith, courage is depicted as Christ’s triumph over sin. So morally, courage involves acting in a way that enhances what someone believes to be good in spite of social disapproval or other possible backlashes. It means acting in spite of possible harm to one’s self.  

But, it can also mean acting against one’s own natural inclinations and facing fears which might not have any moral implications. For example, in situations which concern overcoming addictive habits, irrational anxieties, and harmful dependent relationships. People use (and need) courage to seek a goal in spite of obstacles.

Sometimes in life, people have to suppress their desires for an easy life and take the hard road.

It is for these reasons that in our shop you can buy truly inspirational gifts of courage – presents that say – ‘take strength – you can do it’  and . . ‘I’m fully supporting you in your endeavours because I care’     

SEARCH our shop for gifts to help a friend have COURAGE