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Although thought of by some people as a messenger from the spirit world, the Butterfly is primarily believed to be a symbol of change. This is because it transforms itself from a caterpillar into a spectacular Lepidoptera. The Butterfly must fight its way out of its chrysalis shell, into a whole new world: Just as we ourselves can sometimes struggle to move through from behind our barriers and out-moded attitudes into a new and exciting world – hence the symbolism. Behaviours that served us when we were ‘caterpillars’ are no longer valid: We can’t live the way we used to. So, symbolically, we are asked to accept the changes in our lives . . just as the Butterfly does. This can be particularly true with teenagers moving into adulthood.

In this sense, the Butterfly can also remind us to make changes when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable for all of us at one time or another in our lives, and this unwavering acceptance of metamorphosis by the Butterfly can be symbolic of faith – allowing the wind to carry us forward to our new goals and dreams. For this reason / meaning, many people wear a piece of Butterfly jewellery (necklace or charm)

It is a symbol of a new life, and of letting go of old cycles and of finding one’s true inner self. The Butterfly calls on us to expand our awareness, spread our wings and move forward with joy – and find our own place in life.  

Butterfly spread your wings
Pretty Butterfly charm necklace symbolising freedom and somebody spreading their wings
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Butterfly charm necklace – jewellery with meaning
Butterfly heart necklace
Butterfly heart necklace – jewellery with meaning

In many cultures, including Christianity, the butterfly is also associated with the soul – initially trapped within the body but then freed into a ‘new’ life. This connection with the soul is rather fitting to the symbolism of change: We are all on a long journey where we encounter endless turns, shifts, and events that cause us to change. At our journey’s end we are inevitably changed. A Butterfly charm necklace therefore makes the perfect gift for a friend’s new start in life . . their new beginning.

Apart from Butterfly jewellery (particularly necklaces), many people have Butterfly tattoos. Interestingly, the most popular tattoo sported by women from all walks of life and from all over the world is the Butterfly. Whether combined with a flower (roses, lilies, daisies or sunflowers) or a vine (typically as a Butterfly armband) or a wispy-thin tribal tattoo, Butterfly tattoos usually acknowledge the woman as a free spirit and of her maturing from a girl into a woman.

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