Presents for Love

I love you! . . presents to express love – one of the strongest emotions known to man, and gifts of love

Love is attraction; it is pleasure; it is a passionate desire and it is an emotional closeness. But, In the end, it is friendship

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Love entered the room like a miracle . . and so it was – because love can be as fierce as death

Love can be so strong: In romantic relationships, when people have a crush on each other, the brain releases certain chemicals, including pheromones, dopamine and serotonin, which stimulate the brain’s pleasure centre and lead to increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement. Yes . . you are ‘in’ love!  

Rose Quartz earing gift for love
Rose Quartz – the ‘Love stone’ makes beautiful gifts of love . . as seen in these pretty earrings
Garnet love charm
Garnet is sometimes gifted for romantic love and passion – as typified by this birthstone crystal heart
Love blessing necklace
Love blessing necklace – “Always in my heart”
Made with love
All our jewellery is made with love
Love charm birthstone necklace
Love . . the same in any language

But, this early (and often frenetic) stage in an amorous relationship, is usually temporary and, with time, another stage, or feeling, sets in – that of a more passive and general attraction – slowly chganging to a long-term commitment for a partner. This more general attachment (or ‘love’) is the bonding that promotes relationships, and can last for many years – even decades. It results in long-term commitments such as marriage and children.

But love is also affection. It is human kindness; it is compassion; it is inter-personal relationships.

So love can refer to passionate desire and the intimacy of romantic love, OR to the emotional closeness of familial love, OR to the platonic love that defines a friendship.

But invariably, in all types and stages of love, people inevitably feel the need to express their emotions with a gift . . a present to show someone they love them. Please allow our Presents for Love to let you to do this: a present to show your love

SEARCH for gifts that say  I LOVE YOU  in our shop . . there are lots!