Faith jewellery – a gift with real meaning

The meaning of faith jewellery

A present to encourage your friends / loved-ones to be positive

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With a gift of a piece of faith jewellery, you can pass on your wishes to a friend or partner to have faith in their beliefs and their goals. It passes on a message that you understand them, that you really care, and that you really support them in their aims and aspirations. 

However, different badges of faith are worn by many people, for many different reasons, around the world.  

Faith charm and cross
Faith charm and Christian Cross on this simple charm bracelet
Faith necklace
Simple Faith necklace so someone you care for can believe in miracles
Gift of faith cufflinks
The Christian Fishes on these Cufflinks make an ideal piece of Faith Jewellery for a Christian friend
Tigers Eye Shambala faith bracelet
Tiger’s Eye – sometimes gifted to someone wanting success in business, combined with the Faith word charm, makes a great piece of Faith jewellery

But whatever the individual faith of your friend or partner, we have a small token or blessing ring to reinforce it.

Inspire your friends to have faith in their dreams.

Our inspirational Faith jewellery is simply a means of reminding someone of their purpose and wishes – and to encourage them as they go about their daily lives.     

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