Jewellery with meaning

Does a piece of jewellery have real meaning ?

Guardian Angels, Crosses, Scallop shells, Indalos, Christian Fish necklaces, Shamballa bracelets, Zodiac / Star Signs, Gem stones / Birthstone crystals, Ladybirds, Yin-Yang, Caravaca / Tau, Baby blessings, St James, Dream tokens, Heart / Love charms, and so on . . these are just some of the symbols and charms that go into making up the  ‘ Jewellery with Meaning ‘ or ‘ Meaningful Jewellery ‘  in our SHOP online.

St James Cross with Scallop shell
Jewellery with meaning

What exactly IS jewellery with meaning?

The question boils down to: What do people actually WANT from their jewellery? Is it something that feels nice? Something comfortable and cosy? Or perhaps something with monetary value – something that costs a lot? Or perhaps something hand-crafted and loved?

In reality, we believe that many people are looking for JEWELLERY THAT MEANS SOMETHING – so-called ” jewellery with meaning ” – i.e. something really meaningful to them, themselves. So what exactly is this so-called Jewellery with Meaning? And how does it relate to life?

From our point of view, Jewellery with Meaning is jewellery that has REAL significance: That is, it has some true and actual symbolic meaning that is relevant to the person who owns it or who is wearing or carrying it: More often than not, it contains a symbol of something that these people not only want, but maybe also need – and trust.

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There are several examples of this:
– Jewellery that supports a faith or belief (especially for people who turn to their faith or belief as a source of solace and protection)
– Jewellery that promises (or, at least, offers the promise of) some sort of wellbeing (or even, good health) – as is often seen in the professed properties of ancient gemstones, or the protective properties of an ancient talisman (or even a Guardian Angel)
And finally:
– Jewellery that offers (and even secures) friendship or love

Millions of people around the world believe in something. And millions of people affirm this in a piece of jewellery that they wear. Here are some examples:

– For jewellery that has a religious significance, we can look to Christian crosses like those of St. James, or of Caravaca, or of the traveller’s protector, St. Christopher. Or, we can look at jewellery containing small vials of water from the Holy shrine at Lourdes, for example. Or, from a more eastern perspective, the Hamsa Hand of Fatima – a sign of compassion and protection, supposedly providing defence against the ‘evil eye’ and strengthening the vulnerable or weak.

– For jewellery that has a relevance deep-rooted in the past, and in the traditions and way of life of an area or region of the world, we can observe the Yin Yang symbol of ancient China meaning ‘shadow and light’, which is used to describe how opposites or seemingly contrary forces are inter-connected and inter-dependent . . representing the concept of harmony and friendship – two aspects in a single reality: Or, we could study the world of Shamballa – a symbol of ancient Buddhism which, for lots of people, has strong spiritual meaning, and it is thought to impart a special feeling of peace, happiness and calm. In Europe, we have the prehistoric symbol of the Indalo found particularly in southern Spain which offers good luck, prosperity and protection. And also in this region of the world, we see the Concha de Vieira shell of the Camino de Santiago – the Way of St James, a famous pilgrimage through southern France and across northern Spain walked by many to find inspiration – and thought to improve one’s outlook on life, bringing people into closer contact with nature and expanding their cultural horizons through contact with other pilgrims.

– For jewellery that promises friendship (or even love), we can look at a myriad of pieces but, in the end, only one stands out above all others . . the Heart – which can be an extremely powerful symbol when coupled with other symbols (or inscriptions, such as word charms, saying such things as “Thinking of you”)
So, when buying jewellery for yourself (or friends / lovers), why not look for REAL jewellery: That is, jewellery with real significance – for both yourself, and your loved-ones.

We stock a large range of such meaningful jewellery charms and jewellery with meaning – including such diverse pieces as the Saint James Cross of Santiago, Spain, for life’s Camino, Faith jewellery, Travel amulets, Wise Owl pendants, Carpe Diem talismans, Thinking of You tokens, Thank You blessing rings, Horseshoes, Crosses of Grace, St. Christophers, Lucky four-leafed Clovers, Hamsa Hand of Fatima bracelets, Charmstones and Birthstones, the Spanish Indalo of Almería, Ladybird symbols, Yin-Yang necklaces, the so-called Real Cross of Caravaca, Heart and Key lockets, Concha Scallop shells of La Vieira, Butterfly necklaces, Tau Crosses, Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones, Silver jewellery and, of course, Gold.

All these items are used to make up our extensive range of what we call “Jewellery with Meaning “

See links on this page for a fuller explanation of the symbolic meaning of different types of meaningful jewellery pieces  

Our jewellery is intended to be inspirational and motivational – sending messages of love, encouragement and goodwill to friends and loved-ones.

A present needn’t be all that expensive to indicate that you value and respect your friend / partner. What matters more is the care and attention you put into in the selection of the gift. When someone opens up a present that is specific (and personally meaningful), it tells them that you have paid attention to what they want, or like or need. It deepens a relationship with an unspoken affirmation.

Presents can reveal whether or not you understand your friend / lover – and whether you really care about the relationship. Therefore, a present is usually better when it demonstrates forethought and that you have taken an interest in what someone likes. The thought is much more important than the money spent. The present becomes a gift with real meaning and it means that you are participating imaginatively in a part of your friend’s life.

This is why we offer ” Presents with Meaning ” , ” Gifts from the Heart” , and ” Meaningful Jewellery ” and why we have attempted, on this site, to explain some of the meanings behind our jewellery gifts.

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