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Zodiac jewellery – bracelets and necklaces for the life you were born to live

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Zodiac jewellery comprises Celestial, Astrological, Sun and Star Sign necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms, with added birthstone Gems, in a way that personalises jewellery to express a life that some say they were “born to live”. It is jewellery with personal meaning related to birthday / date, birthstone and star sign.

Capricorn Zodiac Turquoise
Zodiac bracelet with Constellation disc for Capricorn, star sign symbol and real Turquoise gem
Capricorn Zodiac bracelet
Typical of one of our Zodiac jewellery bracelets – this one showing Capricorn sign, and Capricorn constellation disc – along with Camino charm and a entire Life Path Number of 27/9 represented in colours
Libra zodiac Lapis Lazuli
Bare Zodiac bracelet with Libra star sign and real Lapis Lazuli gem

So what exactly is zodiac and birthstone jewellery (sometimes called celestial or star sign jewellery) and how does it work? And how does it relate to your so-called Life Path and our Zodiac jewellery?

We are all made up of atoms and chemicals – different molecules arranged in different ways that make each of us unique. But just as one cat, for example, is broadly similar to another cat, so too with humans: A human being is clearly recognisable as human even though he might be quite distinct from his neighbour in terms of race, size, skin-colour, etc. But, the manner in which these individual molecules are arranged in a particular person (for example DNA in a man) make him quite different from his neighbour. And there is more to this difference than simple descriptive adjectives and nouns like “white”, “fair-haired”, etc. How the molecules are arranged in the body and mind affect how we are, and who we are.

For thousands of years, people have believed that the arrangement of these molecules can be affected, influenced and even changed by the forces of the planets and stars around us (by gravitational pull, for example, just as the moon pushes and pulls our marine tides). What’s more, this “push and pull” of the planets and other extra-terrestrial objects varies throughout the year, as the earth (and they) move. For example, when someone is born, or when they are developing in the womb, their molecules are subject to these (gravitational) forces and so, the belief goes, it makes us analogous to the stars/planets in many ways including our character and behaviour.

So, welcome to the world of Astrology – the study and the influence of the relative positions and movements of celestial bodies on humans and the natural world: Hence, Astrological jewellery.

Pisces zodiac sign
Pisces zodiac sign on a silver disc to hang on a bracelet or necklace
Capricorn charm bangle 1
Steel and silver bangle for a Capricorn with scallop shell charm from El Camino, and simple Life Path number 1 (represented by red bead)
Astrological sign of Virgo
Constellation of stars in the astrological sign of Virgo – sterling silver disc for bracelet or necklace

Someone’s astrological sign refers to the particular constellation of the zodiac in which they were born – i.e. the position of all the celestial objects or stars and planets at their time of birth (divided principally into 12 distinct phases or zodiacs as our earth and sun / solar system moves on its passage through the universe).

Astrology has been around since at least 2000 BC and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts. Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events, and some – such as the Indians, Chinese, and Mayan – developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations.

Contemporary astrology is often associated with systems of horoscopes that purport to explain aspects of a person’s personality, and to predict significant events in their lives based on the positions of celestial objects when they were born and at any particular point in their lives.

Why is this of interest to you and to us here at IndaloMart?

Because it allows us (and so you) to personalise our Life Path and Zodiac jewellery / gifts (to match it to the person for whom it is intended – whether for yourself, or as a gift for a friend or loved-one).

In this way you are able to obtain in our shop individual pieces of zodiac jewellery (celestial or constellation jewellery – including birthstone gemstones, letter charms and numerological numbers, if you want) that are, if you like, “designed” for you (or your friend) – in the sense that the jewellery piece is directly related to you, your astrological zodiac, and your life path: It is jewellery with real meaning, and it reinforces your character and the so-called life you were born to live.

Take one of our Life Path / Zodiac bracelets, for example: Individual charms can be added to this bracelet / piece of jewellery to make up a unique Zodiac bracelet, and then, later on, more personal charms can be added to further embellish the zodiac bracelet.

So, take the Bracelet: Then ADD (for example):
-An  Astrological / ZODIAC SYMBOL  charm that is directly associated with you (or the person for whom it is intended – if it is a gift) e.g. Aries, Leo, Capricorn, etc (see below for star sign / birthstone dates)
Then, if you want, you can ADD (for example):
-A  Zodiac / CONSTELLATION STAR  charm which shows the position of the stars in a particular constellation for the particular zodiac sign of the person concerned
Then, if you want, you can ADD (for example):
-A  LETTER charm  coincident with a person’s name e.g. N
All our Zodiac Life-Path jewellery pieces include a small  Camino scallop shell  charm from the Way of St James . . El Camino de Santiago in northern Spain – the greatest walk in the world – and generally regarded as a journey of the body, mind and spirit. Modern pilgrims choose to do the Camino for personal, spiritual and/or religious reasons – or simply to take time out from their busy, modern lives.

OR . . you can add a charm of your choice. For example:

– Simple Cross
Indalo talisman charm
Guardian Angel charm
Heart charm
Butterfly charm
Anchor charm

You can use the Options box in our shop to choose the additional charm that you would like. And, the bracelet’s screw-on ball-clasp can be removed to add more charms and symbols if you wish.

If you want, you also can ADD :
-A real  GEMSTONE  that is associated with a particular Astrological sign of the Zodiac (see below for which gem or birthstone is appropriate for a particular birth date)
Gems have magnetic/electric energy fields that can influence the behaviour of other atoms and molecules around them – so affecting the emotions and behaviour of living things near them. (You don’t need to be a scientist or astrologist to be aware of the strong fields around a magnet for example which, after all, is nothing more than a piece of iron which has its component atoms so ordered that it attracts or repels other iron objects or magnets.) This electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds and radiates from a physical body is sometimes called an aura and some people are said to ‘see’ auras as colours. It is not unique to living things like humans, animals and plants: Inanimate gems also have an aura, and gems can be used to strengthen other aura fields – or weaken them. Different gem types (Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and so on) have different types of energy fields and so can affect people who come into contact with them in different ways.

PLUS, if you want, you can ADD:

-A personalised  LIFE PATH NUMBER . This is calculated using the ancient principles of numerology (see below on how to calculate) to reveal the so-called life you were born to live. Like astrology, numerology is one of the ancient intuitive arts and it is believed to increase the dimension of your understanding of your personality: It has many systems, traditions and beliefs – from numerous cultures and teachings, including Babylonia, Pythagoras, astrological philosophy, psychology, early Christian mysticism, Gnostics, and the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah.
With your Life Path Number close to you on a piece of jewellery, you receive a strong daily reminder of your aims, wishes and desires, and enforce your beliefs on the Camino of your life and so improve your daily outlook, bringing you closer into contact with nature and others around you. (See our Life Path Jewellery page, which gives a full explanation of the ancient intuitive art of Numerology, the meanings of the numbers, and how they relate to our Life Path – the so-called life we were born to live.)

Sagittarius zodiac bracelet with shell
Bare Zodiac bracelet showing Sagittarius symbol alongside concha shell of the Camino de Santiago
Aquarius Zodiac bracelet
Full Life Path Zodiac bracelet for Aquarius with Constellation disc, star sign, and Garnet gem PLUS Entire Life Path Number 30/3 with N letter charm and Camino shell
Scorpio constellation bracelet
Zodiac constellation of Scorpio

Newspapers and magazines which print astrology or horoscope columns in a light-hearted manner, usually refer to Sun Signs or Star Signs. We have zodiac jewellery for each and every one of the signs of the zodiac.
As mentioned, our Zodiac Life Path jewellery also features, in addition to other symbols, the Scallop Shell of the Camino de Santiago in Spain – the world’s most famous walk, to further encapsulate the essence of your life’s path.

Life Path Zodiac jewellery – representing a person’s unique journey through life


As mentioned above, you can also add your Life Path Number (or that of a friend, if it is a gift) to your Zodiac bracelet or Zodiac necklace. But first, you need to do a simple calculation to discover the Life Path Number: I.E. What is your Life Path Number? How do you calculate it?

Your Life Path Number is a number based in the ancient art of Numerology (more information and the meaning of the numbers on our Life Path / Numerology page)
The most famous method of calculation is the Pythagorean system – from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras (571- 495 B.C.) To calculate your number, you can use this system with Pythagorean roots as outlined in a book by Dan Millman “The life you were born to live” . A full numerological profile includes five numbers, but the principal, and most important, is the Life Path Number. To calculate this, we have adopted the system outlined in Dan’s book.

For example:
Birth Date: 31/08/1954   –>   Birth Date Number : 3+1+0+8+1+9+5+4 = 31
SIMPLE Life Path Number = 3+1 = 4
Entire Life Path Number would be 31/4

Or, you could simply use Dan’s Life Path Number calculator

To represent this number on our jewellery, we use COLOURED BEADS for the numerology code – with the colours taken from the natural spectrum of the universe (as can be seen in a full rainbow):

1: Red;  2: Orange;  3: Yellow; 4: Lime Green; 5: Aegean Green; 6: Light Blue; 7: Royal Blue; 8: Indigo / Heather; 9: Violet / Purple; 0: White

with silver beads as spacers to form the Entire Life Number . . or single beads to represent the Simple Life Path number:  For example:

entire: 31/4  314 Life Path Number in colours or: simple LifePath number 8 Gemini charm bracelet 8 

Zodiac Life Path card
Information gift card that can be sent with any Zodiac / Life Path jewellery gift from our shop
Life Path Meaning
Meanings of simple Life Path numbers

What is your (or your friend’s) astrological Star Sign or Sun Sign, and what is the associated GEMSTONE?

The names of the twelve signs of the Zodiac that are associated with horoscopic astrology and birthstone gems are:

Aries – March 21 – April 20   Aquamarine (modern birthstone for March)
Taurus – April 21 – May 21   Diamond crystal (modern birthstone for April)
Gemini – May 22 – June 21  Emerald (modern birthstone for May)
Cancer – June 22 – July 22  Pearl (modern birthstone for June)
Leo – July 23 – August 21    Ruby (modern birthstone for July)
Virgo – Aug 22 – Sept 23     Peridot (modern birthstone for August)
Libra – Sept 24 – Oct 23      Lapis Lazuli (modern birthstone for September along with Sapphire)
Scorpio – Oct 24 – Nov 22   Opal (modern birthstone for October)
Sagittarius – Nov 23 – Dec 22   Citrine (modern birthstone for November along with Topaz)
Capricorn – Dec 23 – Jan 20   Turquoise (modern birthstone for December)
Aquarius – Jan 21 – Feb 19    Garnet (modern birthstone for January)
Pisces – Feb 20 – March 20   Amethyst (modern birthstone for February)

We are grateful to the superb website zodiac-signs-astrology.com and Wikipedia/Birthstone for summaries of specific zodiac sign astrology and meanings:

Aries   Taurus   Gemini   Cancer   Leo   Virgo   Libra   Scorpio   Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius   Pisces  

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