Thinking of You Tokens and Blessing Ring jewellery

The meaning of ‘ Thinking of You ‘ jewellery    


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. . makes a present with real meaning.

Thinking of You jewellery is, quite simply, jewelry that says: “I’m thinking of you”

It is jewellery to pass on your sentiments of concern and love: It is a true gift of friendship and encouragement.  

Thinking of you charm
Simple ‘Thinking of You’ necklace made of a blessing ring that says ‘Always’ on the back, and thin leather cord
Lucky bangle thinking of you
This luck bangle gifted as a present simply reminds someone that you are thinking of them and wish them all the luck in the world
Love heart Thinking of You
Small heart and love charms on this leather bracelet remind someone that you are always thinking of them
Love Always in my heart
“Always in my Heart” – a love blessing ring

When a friend or relative is going through a hard time, a little gift of encouragement like this can really make a difference . . it shows someone that you really DO care. It is a gift from the heart.    

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. . makes a gift with real meaning