Charm words: Jewellery to inspire – presents with real meaning

The meaning of word Charm jewellery – really special gifts with actual words to inspire a friend or loved one

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For centuries, badges of inspiration have been worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world, and nowadays, word charms are becoming increasingly popular.  

Jade Pearl amor necklace
Jade and Pearl love charm necklace with the word LOVE / Amor in many languages
Word charm bracelet
Word charm bracelet with additional charms of an Owl and a Hamsa to reinforce the meaning of this jewellery
Eres un Angel
Eres un Angel – You are an Angel . . one of our charms with actual words

Charm word jewellery is simply jewellery with a small word charm (or token) attached in order to stress a particular attribute or desire. For example, Courage, Faith, Dreams, Believe, Prayer in your pocket, Luck, Hope, Carpe Diem, Love, Friendship, Grace, and so on. The result is a really special jewelry gift with added meaning to help inspire your friends or loved-ones.

So, encourage your friends to achieve their dreams with a few simple words of inspiration on a lovely piece of jewellery.

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