Carnelian jewellery – a present for energy and power

What is the meaning of Carnelian jewellery?

Does Carnelian have the magical gift of energy?

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Carnelian has been called the magical vitality gemstone or ‘power’ stone.

Ancient Egyptian tombs are full of Carnelian jewelry, because the Egyptians believed very strongly that the gemstone had great power in the afterlife. According to their beliefs, Carnelian jewellery amulets would ensure the departed soul’s passage into the next world.  

Carnelian Shambala believe bracelet
Shambala Carnelian believe charm bracelet – jewellery with real meaning
Carnelian choker bangle
Carnelian jewellery set – believed to impart energy and vitality
Carnelian Heart earings
Carnelian heart earrings – thought to impart passion

So, the Carnelian gemstone is thought to bring about energy and passion in the wearer: And this belief was carried forward on into Roman times – when Carnelian was thought to shore up confidence and strength.

An ideal present to give someone confidence and wish them success.

Carnelian is associated with the Zodiac sign of Virgo and August/September.  

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When used for making jewelry, carnelian is generally cut in cabochon rather than facets. This is because the round shape of a cabochon can emphasise the natural beauty of carnelian, bringing out the glow and elegance of the stone more than a facet cut.  

Apart from its elegant beauty, carnelian is thought to promote energy – although it is also known for its healing properties. And Carnelian is believed to have the potential of making someone focus on the present, enhancing confidence, eloquence and inspiration. Therefore, carnelian has been used by some to help in decision-making, and to enhance their inter-personal communications – as well as energising the body and inspiring the spirit.