Travel charm jewellery for safekeeping and good fortune

The meaning of travel charms in jewelry – gifts for travellers, and leaving event gifts


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Gifts for travellers like a travel bracelet, for example (often consisting of travel charms attached to necklaces, bracelets and anklets), are meant to pass on the sentiment that says: “Have a good journey” or “Have a safe trip” – on the occasion when a friend, colleague or loved-one is leaving on a journey or travelling abroad to foreign lands and places unknown.

Bon Voyage travel charm
Travel charm necklace with the French ‘Bon Voyage’ and a tiny Swarovski crystal heart (this one Aquamarine – the Traveller’s stone (and for March) for added luck/protection, although we have other Birthstone hearts for other months)
Guardian Angel watch over you
Guardian Angel sent to watch over you whilst you are travelling
Garnet love and luck travelling
Garnet – for luck and protection travelling, in the form of a Swarovski crystal heart necklace makes a perfect present to pass on your love and wishes to a friend travelling on a journey
Travel blessing gift
Travel blessing ring – a simple present to pass on your wishes for a safe trip
St Christopher charm
St Christopher, recognised as the patron saint and protector of travellers, seen here as a silver charm combined with Aquamarine heart (the travellers stone)

So, a gift of a travel charm bracelet or necklace (or a piece or jewellery indicative of a travel charm) to a loved-one, friend or work colleague, is a truly meaningful present to wish them well for their special journey – and safety on the way. This type of jewellery can also be gifted as a Going Away present or on the occasion of a Leaving Do or Leaving Event – as well as being an ideal gift for travellers

Travel charms such as travel necklaces and travel bracelets also make lovely little keepsakes for your friends to carry with them, to watch over them and to protect them as they go about their daily lives – in addition to when they are on voyages to distant or difficult places.    

Lucky Gecko necklace with abalone shell - silver-plated, for guardianship

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Wish a friend or loved-one fun, and to live life to the full with this delightful Gecko charm necklace

This striking necklace is special. Not only is the gecko a symbol of good luck, but this piece of jewellery is reminiscent of hot sunny days in a warm climate where geckos flourish: It has a definite feel-good factor, perhaps reminding us of a great time had on holiday in Mediterranean or Tropical countries.

But, at the same time, the Gecko is a symbol of guardianship and protection and so the significance of this piece of jewellery is to Have Fun . . but safe in the knowledge that someone is looking out for you, and your welfare.

Make a friend or loved-one feel happy and send them your best wishes for good luck with this gorgeous gecko necklace.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Description: Our large lucky gecko necklace features a stunning blue abalone shell and silver-plated gecko charm that catches the light. It measures 5cm in length including the hanging bail, and hangs on a 45cm / 17.5ins stainless-steel rainbow cable chain that has a 5cm extender.

Geckos are said to be extremely lucky (as well as being thought of as guardians) and blessed with a fearless passion for life. So perhaps this Gecko charm will help protect a friend or loved-one from adversity, and pass on its fun-loving and good luck qualities.

. . the perfect gift for someone going on an adventure / travelling, attempting something new (or making a new start or new beginnings, like going to University, for example) or for any occasion that requires good luck in challenging situations. (Or perhaps even as a present for a person that just loves Geckos!) Could make a lovely going away present for a teenager.

Read more about Geckos and luck here

Ships gift-wrapped in a stylish presentation box. If you wish, we can print a personal message on your behalf on a gift card and include it in the presentation box. We can also ship direct to your friends / loved-ones' address if you want. This is all INCLUDED in the price.

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