Jewellery for health and wellbeing is said to keep you safe, protect you from illness and keep you well. Can this be true?

Jewellery to keep me healthy
Jewellery to keep me healthy

So-called protection symbols are common on jewellery charms, and many people believe in them. You can see examples of health protection jewellery in our SHOP for gifts to wish good health and wellness

But apart from giving health jewellery as a gift for health to friends and loved-ones in order to help them feel good about themselves or their state of health, fitness and wellbeing, people also wear health protection jewellery for themselves to help keep them safe and well too (or so they believe).

Jewellery to keep me healthy

People ask: Can jewellery really help keep me healthy and safe? Many people think so, yes.

Celebrities like Jenifer Aniston, for example, are sometimes seen wearing what could be termed “protection jewelry”. The UK’s Daily Mail has reported how A-lister stars like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum and Madonna have embraced protection charm jewellery . . following hot on the heels of the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Naomi Campbell. Professional sports people too are not averse to wearing jewellery for health protection.

And although gifts for health are particularly common these days, actual personal purchases of jewellery featuring symbols that represent health and wellbeing are less so – especially amongst the general populous (although they do feature frequently in the more holistic and spiritual communities online): Here, it is perfectly normal for people (personally) to buy jewellery for stress relief and anxiety control, for example, in this age of mental health awareness. Such items of jewellery are said to help someone feel good about themselves as they go about their daily life.

Health protection jewellery

Health jewellery reminds us and encourages us to live a more healthy lifestyle and to be more conscious of our daily habits in this respect.

In particular, if you are inspired by spiritual or religious beliefs, the wearing of such health protection jewellery is said to help with wellbeing and overall wellness in life. If health jewellery helps you feel safe, well and protected, then go for it! People who suffer from brain fog or lack of energy, and are stressed at work, etc, could well benefit from this symbolic and meaningful health jewellery . . IF they believe in it. And therein lies the rub: It all boils down to a question of faith or belief:

Symbols of good health

Going back centuries, a lot of jewellery was designed to ward off evil spirits . . and disease. It was often given to people who were ill or heading into danger (such as starting out on a long journey). And, to this day, many cultures around the world continue to advocate protection jewellery for health and general wellbeing: People also give it as gifts to friends and loved-ones who are experiencing bad health issues or going into hospital, for example, for an operation.

People have put their faith in the symbolic meanings exhibited by this protection jewellery for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, and these necklaces, bracelets and earrings with their symbolic and meaningful charms have an almost magical power to impart inspiration and belief, and make people feel that they are protected and safe.

Jewellery to protect you from illness

The power of faith to influence the body is well-known. For example, many Christians believe that God can heal the sick through the power of the Holy Spirit: This is also sometimes called supernatural or divine healing. But, in all cases, an element of faith is involved. Faith charms like the Latin Cross are relied upon on a daily basis to help protect people from adversity and bad health.

Jewellery to keep you well

Consequently, our health jewellery possesses real provenance and genuine character that actually does mean something to millions of people around the world . . it really is JEWELLERY WITH MEANING.

Likewise, with so-called Wellness Jewellery which is intended as a constant reminder of good health aims and desires: Apart from the symbolic faith and protection aspect that the jewellery might represent, it can also give a subtle prod to the subconscious on a daily basis to say “Act healthily today!”

Keep me healthy and safe please
Keep me healthy and safe please

We have a range of protection jewellery for health in our SHOP for jewelry for health

Lourdes water jewellery ~ shark's tooth necklace ~ bronze

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Product Details

A gift for hope and faith said to heal the soul and body: A gift for wellness

This small pendant contains water from Lourdes - said to help with someone's health and wellbeing: It would make a great gift for someone who’s feeling sick or under the weather at the moment.

The shark's-tooth-shaped glass vial necklace holds a small amount of pure water from the Holy Spring at Lourdes . . with an additional 5ml bottle of water included.

Many believe that Lourdes water imparts a feeling of wholeness and calmness - even in bad times of illness and despair. And with this necklace, you could help share this belief with the people you are close to, wishing them to overcome their medical problems and get well soon.

Eight million pilgrims now visit Lourdes each year - in the foothills of the French Pyrenees just north of the Spanish border, believing that the waters possess some sort healing powers. Although the Christian Church itself says that the water doesn't appear to have any specific scientific or medical properties - only the power of faith, it is this faith which is so important: A local nun who helps people at the spring says: "It's not the quantity of the water that matters, it's the faith and the prayer."

So now you too are able to unlock something of this power of faith, by gifting this unique piece of Lourdes water jewellery to a friend or loved-one. (For example, as a get well soon gift, a religious memento, or simply as a nice little present for someone who has been to Lourdes - or perhaps not yet).

Description: The shark's tooth shaped glass vial measures approx. 48mm in height including the hanging ring and 9mm in width and has a bronze coloured lid (silver colour also available). It hangs on a smart 20.5" (51cms) black leather necklace, and the Lourdes spring water is contained inside the sealed vial. PLUS: The gift box also contains a separate 5ml blue-glass bottle of Lourdes spring water with a removable aluminium cap.

Gift a friend or loved-one the power of faith with this exquisite and totally unique Lourdes water necklace. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


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