Fathers Day presents – a gift from the heart with real meaning

Fathers Day – the occasion to give your Dad or Grandad a meaningful gift . . a present with real significance

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The modern, and some would say, commercial Father’s Day of western culture probably has it’s roots in America – introduced as a balance for the more traditional and historic event of Mothers Day. Grace Golden Clayton of West Virginia, is believed to have been inspired to celebrate fathers after a mine exploded in nearby Monongah at the turn of the century killing almost 400 men. So she decided to establish an event specifically to recognise fathers.  

Steel Indalo DogTag
Steel Indalo dogtag pendant
Lucky 4 leaf clover cufflinks
Lucky 4 leaf clover cufflinks
Anchor bracelet fathers gift
This Anchor bracelet makes a Father’s Day gift with meaning – the Anchor symbolising steadfastness and security, and a fearless enjoyment of life
Mans Dichroic Glass Indalo
Something unique: Hand made dichroic glass Indalo pendant on silver chain
Silver scallop cufflinks
Memories of a trip in northern Spain? On the Camino de Santiago? These cufflinks feature the scallop shell of the Way of St James

But, in the Roman Catholic tradition, Fathers are celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day, commonly called the Feast of Saint Joseph, on March 19. Joseph was the father of Jesua and San José is the patron of the Catholic church.

In the Anglican world however, it is June that is most commonly reserved for the occasion.

In early times, flowers were worn to celebrate Father’s Day. Today, it is more common to give a present. And this Father’s Day could be an opportunity to gift your father (or grandfather) a more meaningful present – a gift with real significance.

Would your father appreciate a special present with real meaning this Father’s Day?

Send your Dad a special and meaningful present this Fathers Day and make him feel more loved and appreciated.  

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Lucky gecko cufflinks to say Have Fun

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Be bold, live life to the full! Encourage adventure with these unique cufflinks said to offer good luck and protection

Our smart and stylish gecko cufflinks are a special way to wish a friend or loved-one happiness, success and good fortune. Suitable for both formal occasions or to add a sense of fun to a more casual outfit.

Geckos are said to be extremely lucky (as well as being thought of as guardians - especially of the home) and blessed with a fearless passion for life. So perhaps these Gecko cufflinks will help protect a friend or loved-one from adversity, encourage an intrepid adventurousness, and pass on their supposed good luck qualities.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card (free) - see Photo

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Description: These high-quality rhodium-plated brass cufflinks feature lucky geckos that measure approx 24mm by 18mm and fasten with a torpedo type clasp.

So these lucky Gecko cufflinks would make the perfect gift for someone travelling on an adventure, attempting something new (or making a new start or new beginnings like going to Uni for example) or for any occasion that requires an intrepid spirit. (Or even a present for a person that just loves geckos!)


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