STAY HEALTHY GIFT ideas: Wellness and Be Safe wishes

Is it possible to make someone feel healthier simply by giving them a wellness gift to pass on your wishes to Stay Healthy and Be Safe?

Enjoying the gift of wellness

We think so – and have always promoted our meaningful symbolic jewellery with this principle in mind.

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It now appears that we are not alone in this belief: A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that one’s mind really can play an important role in the healing of the body . . or in staying healthy. And physical and mental wellbeing really is a function of belief and a Feel Good gift really CAN influence someone’s health.

Jewellery to make you feel good

Evidently, it is the CARING factor that is the key. The old-fashioned Placebo Effect is nowadays being replaced (scientifically and indeed medically too) by what is termed the Care Effect: Research led by Prof. Kaptchuk at Harvard Medical School has showed that patients who feel cared-for can have better health outcomes. The scientific explanation is that factors such as caring and positive beliefs can cause physiological changes that help in the healing process.

And what better way to pass on your Good Health wishes than with a Stay Healthy gift: It expresses both caring . . AND belief, especially when that particular gift has some sort of symbolic meaning that is based on faith.

The gift of health – ideal for Christmas

This is where our symbolic jewellery gifts to stay healthy come in – intended to pass on feelings of care AND to enhance the recipient’s feeling of wellbeing by saying “Be Safe” . . from a health point of view.

Best wellness gifts for Christmas

Let’s look at 10 of the best wellness gifts or “Stay healthy” wellbeing presents in our SHOP that could fulfil this requirement, and make a great Christmas present with real meaning:

  1. Wellness health-shield necklace — gift — Wellness health shield necklace
  2. Wellbeing jewellery Yin Yang necklace —- Wellbeing jewellery gift ft Yin Yang
  3. Get Well gift necklace ft Lotus flower —— Get Well gift necklace ft Lotus flower
  4. Wellbeing necklace for health – Hamsa —-Wellness necklace for health Hamsa
  5. Wellbeing bracelet to stay well – IndaloWellbeing bracelet to Stay Well Indalo
  6. Health and Wellbeing Shell necklace ——- Health and Wellbeing Shell necklace
  7. Faith necklace to wish health wellbeingFaith necklace to wish wellbeing health
  8. Stay Well earrings for wellness – Shell ——Stay Well earrings ft shell
  9. Wellbeing good health bracelet – BuddhiWellbeing good health bracelet Buddhi
  10. Get Well Soon – Guardian Angel necklaceGet Well Soon Angel necklace

There are lots of wellness gifts out there at the moment because of the current worldwide health crisis. But the majority are physical items to be used on (or in) the body: Not many of these gift ideas relate to the mind (except where anxiety and stress are involved). For example, it is easy to buy sleep masks, weighted blankets, inspirational books and diaries, salt lamps, diffusers, body lotions and cosmetics, herbs and supplements, fitness and health monitoring gadgets . . even healthy chocolates. The list is endless.

Stay Healthy gifts

But, as some of the scientific research suggests, to stay safe from a health point of view, we not only need physical things but mental ones too, where faith and belief, caring and concern play a part: Indeed, even a simple hand-written note from a friend offering hope and consideration can help – as can a great big hug!

This is where our jewellery gifts to stay healthy come in – intended to enhance wellbeing from a belief, faith and concern point of view:

a) They are gifts (i.e. they have the element of caring); and

b) They have symbolic meaning that possess real provenance – jewellery that actually means something to millions of people around the world – icons and symbols, talismans and charms (both religious and secular) in which people have put their faith for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Wellness gifts

These gifts have both the Placebo Effect AND the Care Effect – people almost expect them to work. Consider, for example, the number of people who visit Lourdes each year in France, and believe in its power of healing. Or, simply the number of people worldwide that put their faith in the simple Latin Cross.

There is an article about having faith to live healthier and longer which asks: “Can good health be enhanced simply by having more faith in one’s beliefs?”

Although this is directed at Christian faith in particular, it can apply to all other religions . . and to beliefs, both religious AND secular. It is the FAITH that is actually the important factor. People EXPECT them to work: It has long been shown that, if you BELIEVE in something, more often than not, it can help with your goal achievement. Indeed, it was Tennessee Williams who famously wrote: “Luck is believing you are lucky” and to this day, many people think that there is power in a thought made concrete by a symbolic charm – being a constant reminder of purpose and desire, and an inspiration to succeed. Paulo Coelho said, “You are what you believe yourself to be” and Henry Ford wrote, “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t . . you’re right!”


Belief is the key, and so our little gifts of jewellery with symbolic meaning go a long way towards encouraging people to better health.

On our own website concerning feel good gifts to make friends feel better we delve into the possible advantages of gifts to make someone feel good – whether that be simply a bunch of flowers . . or indeed jewellery, especially jewellery with meaning – like that featuring renowned symbols of health or wellbeing like the Yin Yang symbol, Lotus flower, Guardian Angel symbol, Hamsa, Indalo, Bodhi leaf, etc.

A gift to say you care is up there with all the other gift ideas that say ”Stay healthy” or “Be Safe” – passing on your wishes for wellness and wellbeing.


Jewellery for good health and wellness is hugely popular at the moment . . particularly in the gift market:

See our SHOP for examples of wellness jewellery and jewellery to promote good health and wellbeing.

Men with gift of wellness

Wellness jewellery is all about finding a piece of jewellery that makes the recipient friend, work colleague, family member, relative or other loved-one feel good about themselves and encouraging them to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle that helps promote their wellbeing.

Wellness jewellery

The key factor is that the item of jewellery not only makes them feel protected from bad things that might affect their health or wellness in a detrimental way, but also that it inspires and encourages them to good health practices too.

So what item of jewellery would you most likely gift (or indeed, like to wear personally) that promotes wellness and good health? To answer this question, we must ask:

What is Wellness jewellery or a Wellness gift?

Jewellery for wellness and health is intended:

a) To make someone feel good about themselves in a healthy and wellness kind of way and inspire good health lifestyle practices


b) To encourage them to follow healthy practices and help keep them healthy by giving them faith in symbolic jewellery as a form of protection

So in our shop we focus on two main types of jewellery for health and wellness gifts . . they are pieces of jewellery that feature a meaningful symbol relating to wellbeing: The first is the Indalo symbol of protection, wellbeing and good fortune, and other spiritual symbols like the Lotus flower or Ying-Yang talisman. The second is jewellery which is symbolic of religious faith and belief (in particular that of the Christian faith):

The Indalo, and why it is considered a symbol of protection, well-being and good fortune

The figure of the Indalo, said to be that of a man with outstretched arms holding a rainbow, has existed for hundreds (if not thousands) of years and it can be found in many places around the world. In particular, it is common amongst the Native Indians of North America where there was (and still is) a strong belief that the rainbow is a representation of the Great Spirit or Creator. It got its Rainbow epithet from this ancient American Indian culture, especially that of the Cree, Hopi and Sioux tribes. They use the expression ‘Rainbow Warrior’ to describe this mystical being that will protect them by protecting their environment. However, it is best known in southern Spain where it is called Indalo Guerrero del Arco Iris (Indalo Rainbow Warrior), or Indalo Hombre (Indalo Man).

Consequently, people have turned to the Indalo symbol to try and help protect them from adversity – whether that be from actual physical harm caused by accident, earthquake, flood, etc, or to bolster them against illness, injury, bad health or other misfortunes in life. For this reason, the Indalo also became a symbol of good luck and something that was gifted, one person to another, to say things like: Good luck at the hospital or with your exam, moving house, etc.

The Wellness necklace
The Wellness Necklace

The protective nature of the Indalo is well established. People think that, by wearing an Indalo, they will be safe and secure . . helping to make (and keep) them healthy and well.

We also stock spiritual Wellness jewellery featuring:

– Lotus flower

– Yin-Yang symbol

– Lourdes water jewellery

Our second category of jewellery for health and wellness gifts, is based on more traditional FAITH – in order to inspire protection and well-being for people who have belief in wearing religious or spiritual jewellery as a form of protection:

Jewellery symbolic of faith and belief (in particular that of the Christian faith)

At one time, it was thought that if someone had some sort of illness they could be cured by placing them on the beach when the tide was coming in. When the water receded, it was thought that the waves would have carried away their illness. And sometimes it ‘worked’ – the reason being attributed to the power of faith: It was the strong belief that the cure would work that made it actually happen . . the so-called power of the mind. How many people nowadays say “Bless You!” when someone sneezes? This is an automatic reaction to an age-old belief in the power of an all-seeing God. A lot of people have faith in their religion.

For this reason, religious-based wishes and prayers (and gifts too) are as powerful today as they’ve ever been. Indeed, some of the best gifts for wellbeing are actually pieces of jewellery for health and wellness based on faith, and many of the health and wellness gifts in our SHOP are based on ancient symbols and beliefs (some religious, others not), including lucky charms and talismans for people who are not especially religious in the traditional sense. Whatever someone’s beliefs, little gifts to friends and loved ones like wellness necklaces and bracelets for example, can really encourage people to stay well. The power of the mind to heal the body is well-known, and what better way to express your love and concern for the wellbeing of a friend or loved-one than with a small gift of jewellery for wellness and good health.

The Christian faith is particularly featured in this respect because faith charms like the Christian Cross have been relied upon by many people for centuries to help protect them from adversity – and bad health: In fact, few symbols exist that are as widely recognised or hold as much meaning. For example:

– The Christian Cross: The Cross is used worldwide to symbolise Christianity . . and a faith in physical and mental wellbeing.

– Guardian Angels: Angels are said to be spiritual beings who interact with people on earth at God’s direction. They are said to watch over us and protect us from harm.

– Scallop shells: The concha scallop shell is often worn as a symbol of Christian faith, and its use as a means of protection (or as a protective charm) dates back to the Middle Ages: It is the traditional emblem of St. James (one of the Twelve Apostles) and the patron saint of Spain and Portugal.

– Anchor: The anchor is a Christian symbol for hope and steadfastness with a long historical association with Christianity.

– Hamsa: A cross-faith sign of good luck and protection for defence against the ‘evil eye’ and supposedly a talisman charm for strengthening the vulnerable or weak.

Many of the gifts in our SHOP are based on these religious or Christian symbols, and are therefore suitable for spiritually-minded people who are looking for meaningful jewellery . . either for themselves (and their own fitness and wellbeing) or as a gift to pass on their message to a friend or loved-one to say Take Care and Be Healthy.

Individually we are all responsible for maintaining (or improving) our own wellness. But we can also gift good health wishes to someone else too.

Start the journey to good health with an item of wellness jewellery