Mothers Day presents – gifts from the heart that have true meaning

What makes a truly meaningful Mothers Day present?

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Throughout the world, Mother’s Day is seen as an occasion to give a present to someone special in our lives – someone we truly (and instinctively) care about. It can be the event to gift something a bit more inspirational and meaningful than usual.

It is believed that the Sunday of mid-Lent (towards the end of March) was a day on which, in the past, offerings were made at the high altar of the ‘Mother-church’. Derived from this, began the tradition whereby sons and daughters made visits to their parents – and especially to see their mother, so it became known as “Mothering Sunday.” Indeed, for many years, this special Sunday was reserved so that children and young people living away from their parents could go home for the occasion, taking presents such a cake for their mother, and sharing a meal with their family. This day was particularly meaningful for apprentices, live-in farm-workers, and girls in service, and it was generally accepted that they had the right to have the day off.  

Mother charm crystal heart
‘Mother’ in various languages is inscribed on this silver charm which is combined with a Birthstone crystal heart for the chosen month of birth (shown here is Amethyst for February) and a tiny silver heart
Eternal love necklace
Eternal love necklace
Mojacar hibiscus for Mother
Flowers, like this hibiscus in Mojácar make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day too
Jade love hearts jewellery set
Jade jewellery set with love hearts
Love and flower
Simple gift expressing love in this leather charm bracelet with flower

For people who are looking to gift something a bit special and inspirational on this Mother’s Day, we have the solution . . a present with meaning.

So, why not make your Mother feel a bit more loved and appreciated this Mothering Sunday, with one of our unique and inspirational gifts with meaning.

In the UK, Mothering Sunday is on the second or third Sunday in March. But at least half of the world celebrates the event of Mother’s Day in May (usually the second Sunday). In France, the event is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. The entire extended family gathers around the dining table for dinner, and at the end of the meal a beautiful cake is presented to Maman.     

Wellbeing necklace - Stay Well gift - Lotus / Bodhi leaf

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A jewellery gift for stress relief and wellbeing

The leaf symbol on this necklace symbolises enlightenment and wellness - especially with regard to good health. With historical roots in Asian and Buddhist beliefs, 500 years before Christianity, the leaf of the Bodhi is closely related in concept to that of the Lotus and implies attainment of peace and happiness through good health. In Christianity, this can also be seen as inner strength and the determination to overcome any difficulties after regeneration - a symbol of new beginnings after difficult times.

Wellbeing jewellery such as this can pass on wishes of good health and help friends and loved-ones be more aware of the things that affect their health on a day-to-day basis. It can act as a constant reminder of goals and desires in this respect . . . and so also ideal as a gift to self.

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Detail: The small leaf charm measures approx 0.5”x0.75" / 1x1.5cm and is made of gold-plated stainless-steel. It hangs on a thin (1mm) 16” cable chain with 2” extender. Necklace material: Gold-plated-steel OR Iridescent-steel. Please choose in Options box.

As a symbol of rebirth and long life, this necklace would make the perfect gift to give a friend or loved-one who is perhaps hoping to overcome recent difficulties - acting as a constant reminder of balance in life and good health wishes.. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - with an optional gift card - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.



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