Indalo jewellery – a gift from Spain

What is the meaning of Indalo jewellery?

To many, the Indalo symbol makes the perfect present to gift a friend or loved-one as a souvenir of Almería, Andalucía, Spain, or to pass on Good Luck wishes

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. . jewelry with the specific meaning of luck and protection, and a gift from Spain.

Primarily, the Indalo is the symbol of Almería in Andalucía, southern Spain. But, it is also believed to be an extremely powerful good luck symbol . . recognised in many places in the world.  

Indalo pendant charm
Sterling silver and Zirconite Indalo pendant charm
Silver Indalo charm
Indalo charm pendant made in Spain
Indalo silver charm
Unique Indalo jewellery charms from Spain
Rainbow Indalo
The Indalo symbol is sometimes known as the Rainbow Man . . this plaque in Mojácar, Andalucía
Gold zirconium Indalos
Pretty set of Indalo jewellery in gold with zirconium

Like other good luck symbols, the Indalo is used as a lucky charm, amulet or talisman on a multidue of jewellery pieces . . and especially in Spain – being part of the history and culture of Almería, Andalucía. Indalo pendants of gold, silver and non-precious metals abound along the Spanish ‘levante’ coastline, along with other items of jewellery and ceramics, etc featuring this so-called good luck symbol.

In the old Iberian language, Indal Eccius (a phrase commonly believed to be the origin of the word ‘ Indalo ‘ – and related to Saint Indalecio, a 1st Centruy Saint sent to evangalise Roman Iberia) means ‘ Messenger of the Gods ‘ and the little Indalo charm is considered a guardian angel (a bit like a St. Christopher or St James Cross worn by many on the Camino de Santiago) throughout much of eastern Mediterranean Spain – offering protection from harm (and strangely, from flood as well, in this the dryest part of Europe).

Not only is the Indalo a symbol of good luck and protection, but it is also believed to represent Man’s ethereal connection with the spirits and the universe:

Overall, the Indalo is a great symbol of inspiration – a symbol with a story – that makes a great piece of inspirational jewellery – jewellery with REAL meaning.

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Indalo charm necklace for dreams of success - Dichroic

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. . for a dream to come true? Something hand-crafted, totally unique and really special

The "Dreams" lucky Indalo design on this necklace is for good luck and confidence in achieving dreams of prosperity and success.

The Indalo symbol is steeped in history and is said to have magical powers to offer protection from harm, and bring prosperity and good fortune,

Photos cannot do this beautiful charm necklace justice, it is an exquisite handcrafted piece of the highest quality - a unique work of art.

Detail: Pendant measures 20mm W x 25mm L including sterling-silver hanging bail and comes with an 18" or 20" sterling-silver snake chain (Choose necklace length from DropDown)

As the light catches the dichroic glass, the pendant changes from blue and magenta to stunning shades of jade with the silver-coloured lucky Indalo always present on top. Pendants vary slightly in colour: Please choose from the Options Box when ordering.

Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card about the Indalo) - and we can add a personal message on your behalf if you want.


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